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Bars in Majorca

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One of the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain is the bar scene. First of all, Mallorca offers locals and visitors alike a huge variety of excellent bars to choose from. Depending on your style of fashion, taste of fruity cocktails, or choice of ambiance – most people can find a bar in Mallorca to suit their personal bar preference.

First of all, let’s breakdown these varied bars into three different levels of excitement, which will fit the moods of typically bar goers whom roam the bars in Mallorca; quiet & professional, upbeat & cool, and finally loud & funky; going in-order from chill to wild. Although this short listing wouldn’t dare to categorize all of the bars located in Mallorca, it would definitely sum-up the feelings of how some deemed these bars to influence their personal bar hopping mood.

Quiet & Professional Bars in Mallorca:The Mojo Bar,Forn de Sant Joan Restaurant,
Idem Bar, and Palma de Mallorca.

Upbeat & Cool Bars in Mallorca: Hogans,Neo Cultural,El Garito Cafe, and Marchica Cocktail Bar

Loud & Funky Bars in Mallorca: Nassau Beach Club,Soho Urban Vintage Bar, Woody+ Bar, and
Agua Bar.

Next, lets take some time to consider the expenses and costs associated with being able to enjoy Mallorca’s overall bar-scene and night-light; before making a final decision to be entertained at one of these exciting venues. As mentioned earlier, the bars in Mallorca are numerous in number, so there are many to choose from; yet, what about the costs?

Well, it’s important to understand that many bars in Mallorca are either located near the city’s center of La Llonja, the old town or away from it; for example, near the marina or located within a private beach resort. In general, the bars located near or around the city’s old town are more reasonable priced than bars located at the marina or within private resorts. This phenomena goes in-line with the assumption that visitors, on average, would be willing to spend more money at bars compared to locals. So, of course the prices for drinks at a hotels and resorts would be more expensive then hose at local establishments.

Lastly, please note that most bars in Majorca will stay open until approximately 2AM-3AM, depending on the amount of business it gets. In fact, if the bar is filled and going strong a 3AM, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t close till the last visitor is gone, sometimes around 5AM-6AM. Why? Because Majorca is in Spain, and Spain is famous for partying all day and all night. So, choose a bar which seems most suitable and enjoy an evening bar-hoping in Majorca.