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A Review of Golf Fantasia

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 Majorca is a sumptuous island, part of the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. In the beautiful beach resort town of Palma Nova in Majorca, one of the best places to spend the afternoon or evening is Golf Fantasia. Near the waterfront, Golf Fantasia is the ultimate miniature golf paradise.

Features of Golf Fantasia

In the setting of a lush garden in the tropics, this park offers 3 complete 18 hole mini golf courses. Palms and other verdant trees and shrubs, grassy plots and sculptured landscaping are a part of this fun place. Beside the pathways are lagoons with turtles in them. Charming little bridges cross the water between holes. The bar at the “19th hole” offers food snacks and treats and beverages. In the gardens, gurgling waterfalls are refreshing. Guests should bring their cameras for fantastic scenic shots of friends, family and this waterfront garden golfing experience.

The Site’s Positives

– A simple game with enough challenge for fun, Golf Fantasia is the place to laugh and play together.
– Guests are often repeat visitors.
– Putting on these mini golf courses is an excellent activity for a Majorca stay.
– The plants, birds, ducks and waterfalls are so pretty to see.
– People of all ages can play this putting game.
– The park is open late.

The Park’s Downside

– The afternoon sunshine and temperatures can be scorching as people play the holes one by one. This one downside point is easily remedied by drinking cold drinks and playing earlier or later in the day.

The Putting Experience

The shady greenery and the fun of the game makes this garden park a very pleasant spot for putting. The holes are not only attractive but challenging and creative. One of the courses gets more sun than the other two, so that one is recommended when the heat of the day is not intense.

To do all 54 holes takes approximately 4 to 6 hours of fun. Afternoons are nice with the breeze coming in from the beach. Evenings are great as well when the mini golf park is lit with strategically placed lighting in soft glowing colors. Pathways and holes are well lit. Mini golf is a game that young and old can enjoy, and Golf Fantasia is perfectly suited for families and friends to play together.