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The City of Palma de Mallorca; What to see and do in this great city

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The largest of the Balearic Island and has half the population of the island living there, the capital city of the Island Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca is a very popular destination for tourists of all kinds. Palma is situated on the southern shores of the island looking over the spectacular Bay of Palma on the clear magnificent Mediterranean Coast.  The city is bustling with a variety of things to do and attractions to visit, yet it doesn’t lose sight of its sophistication or multicultural past and present. Walking along the streets of Palma the history is exposed through its stunning architecture of the buildings, with certain ones dating back to the roman period.

One in particular which attract visitors to the city is the Cathedral.

mallorca Cathedral

La Seu, a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral holds such beauty and history. The first stone was laid by King Jaime I in 1229 on top of the city’s Mosque demonstrating the conquer of the religion on the island. The build took till the 17th century and still continues to have changes and renovations. The most recent and recognised one was by Antoni Gaudi, which took place in the beginning of the 20th century. His work within the cathedral is highly recognisable through his uniqueness of the style of his architect; it is also very striking adding even more magnificence to the already tall and proud cathedral. The best view of this masterpiece is the view from the sea, be astonished by its splendour and sheer size.

The La Seu, a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral holds such beauty and history


Modernisation of the city began in the late 19th century helping in making Palma a cosmopolitan city, appealing to an even larger audience creating its numerous prestigious shopping, bars, restaurants and art culture. Beautiful promenades lined with trees and filled with exclusive boutiques, cafes, florists and department stores. La Rambla, Passeig des Born and Carrer de Jaume III are where these lively shopping boulevards hold host to such marvellous shopping.  Castell de Bellver, “meaning castle with a lovely view” is another marvel of architect overlooking the city Palma. Set up high a few miles from the heart of the city, this completely round 14th century gothic castle has some outstanding views of the city and the port. The castle its self was built by King Jaume II and holds masses of history of the city and the island within its walls and towers, with the most shocking of all being the history of how the King had imprisoned his own family inside the castle.

The nightlife in Palma is a far cry from its neighboring town, Magaluf.

The city boasts a range of elegant bars and nightclubs suiting every taste, be it for a quick beer amongst friends or a smooth cocktail for the aristocrat millionaires who have moored their yachts on the Port for the evening. Overlooking the Paseo Maritimo is one of Palmas well known nightclub, Pacha, allowing party goers to continue throughout the night and with its spectacular views of the yachts glistening in the port gives this club an edge, and a view, that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.  What better way to take in the city’s spectacular coastline than to take a boat trip. Various charters sail Palmas waters including yachts from the Bay of Palma. These trips are available all year round enabling everyone to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and leave all their stresses behind.  Whilst Palma is a cosmopolitan city it hasn’t lost sight of its history and cultural values. The streets are full of tourists and locals, however the city is still bursting with its Mediterranean atmosphere.