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Review on Restaurant Siller, Majorca

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“Restaurant Siller, Majorca is one of its kinds. After visiting the restaurant with some friends we all agreed that their food and services were the best. The mix and presentation of the flavors were outstanding. For the first time in our lives we had the chance to taste rabbit meat and soup which were very delicious and well cooked. We were then given some plums served with strawberry ice cream.
After the meal we went back to our lodge and we did eat anything for the rest of the night. We had the chance to meet the owner and his wife. The charges are a bit higher compared to other restaurants but this is because of its quality. The services were exceptional and we in fact had no complaints whatsoever. This clearly tells why this restaurant liked. I highly recommend this restaurant to my friends.”

Review : Hotel Salvia, Majorca

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A truly magic place



“My two friends and I did the whole European tour, and one of the places we went was Spain. On the recommendation of a friend we ended up at the Hotel Salvia. The hotel is absolutely beautiful. When you walk inside the Hotel Salvia, the first thing you see are the cobblestones in the entry way and the wrought iron rails on the stairs. Our room was really great and we had a beautiful view of the garden. The room was really big, we had a lot of room to move around. The first night there I took a hot bath in an old fashioned tub and the bathroom decor was stunning. We spent some time relaxing by the pool and just enjoying how beautiful the area was. To me, the best part was walking around the garden because I felt like I was walking around the Garden of Eden with all the beautiful trees. The people who work here treated us like we were royalty, and every bit of this hotel is just stunning. My friends and I will be going back to Spain next year, and we will definitely be going back to Hotel Salvia!”

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What to enjoy while at Golf Fantasia, Majorca course

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Golf courses are an amazing place to whirl away time and also meet new people. Miniature golf on the other hand presents an opportunity for all family members to spend time together and have some fun. Golf Fantasia, Majorca is a miniature golf course with fifty four holes.
The holes have been divided across three courses with eighteen holes each. Families get to spend time on the gardens and also enjoy the lovely scenery on this side of the Palma Nova. Apart from the course and the gardens, there are a number of waterfalls where the young children can go to play with the ducks.
Visitors are however advised to purchase their tickets in advance. Purchasing the tickets too late may see one miss out on all the family fun activities that can be enjoyed at golf Fantasia, Majorca.

Pirate Adventure Show

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 The Pirate Adventure Show was an immediate success when it opened 28 years ago in Magalluf, on the enchanting holiday island of Mallorca. It has been attracting eager spectators ever since. Constantly renewed and enhanced, it is sheer spectacle: brilliant song and dance numbers, astonishing acrobatic attractions, sumptuous scenes of buccaneering derring-do.

Ideal for families, Pirate Adventure tells the swashbuckling tale of Captain Morgan and hidden treasure. Almost a musical (original music), it combines elements of surprise, suspense and comedy with daredevil acrobatics in the ship’s rigging. The show captures all the fun and excitement of a rollicking seafaring romp.