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Farmhouse stay in Mallorca

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If you’re looking for a nearby holiday destination that promises great weather and stunning scenery, but don’t fancy the usual tourist traps with their charmless hotels, rowdy bars and packed beaches, why not think about renting a farmhouse in Mallorca?

A farmhouse holiday gives you complete control over what you see and do on the island and allows you to experience the real Mallorca. You can explore the picturesque little towns away from the built-up areas, browse the local markets for the freshest foods and even discover hidden coves where you can have an entire beach to yourself.

Beautiful properties are available all over Mallorca, often sleeping up to 12 people. Most have swimming pools, internet access and great kitchen facilities. Mixing modern conveniences with traditional charm, why not stay in a Mallorcan farmhouse during your next holiday?

Mallorca – perfect for a short break

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Sailing boat at anchor. Paradise wild bay. Cala Marmolis.

With a short flight time of around two hours, Mallorca is the perfect destination for those wanting a short break in the sun.

Much more than the stereotypical images of high-rise hotels and cramped beaches, Mallorca is a charming island packed with culture and history. Why not take a stroll around the capital city, Palma, and marvel at the impressive cathedral, or explore the ancient walled town of Capdepera?

What’s more, Mallorca has over 200 beaches, so it’s not difficult to find a secluded little bay on which to relax. Hiking and cycling are also popular activities, and are a great way of discovering the island’s natural beauty.

Of course Mallorca is famed for its night-life, and the number of bars, clubs and restaurants from which to watch the sun go down will leave you spoiled for choice. Indeed, one of the biggest problems you’re likely to face during a short break in Mallorca is figuring out how to fit everything in!

Mallorca opens world’s first Twitter themed hotel!

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It’s official! Twitter really is taking over the world. Or, at least it has started its arduous domination of planet Earth by invading a hotel in Mallorca. The Sol Wave House hotel has now become the world’s first ‘Twitter-themed’ hotel. It probably goes without saying that if you can’t stand #hashtags, this hotel probably isn’t for you! For those tweeting guests who do venture into this relatively unknown experience, being greeted by a specially created Twitter concierge service is just the start. Things really kick off when the hotel’s expansive WiFi coverage opens up its virtual community – #SocialWave. This gives its guests a fully immersive social experience. Not only does this provide guest interaction but also gives the hotel a fantastic opportunity to immediately update its guests on the latest offers, events and news. With social media taking the world by storm, this hotel could be onto something!