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Fishy Fun!

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Photo of a coral colony

You might go for a paddle or even a swim in the sea while you’re in Majorca but why not discover what’s living in those deep blue depths? For an amazing day and an exciting opportunity to learn more about marine life, visit Palma Aquarium. At this immense and breathtaking park, you can experience a vast selection of underwater habitats, home to more than 8000 different animals. There’s also a range of exciting activities to keep you occupied, including guided tours and underwater diving.

At the park, you’ll find huge aquariums housing thousands of colourful fish, Mediterranean gardens, an impressive jellyfish tank and the deepest shark tank in Europe! The kids can discover the pirate ship play-area and go to a shark sleepover. Or, for a more relaxing day, you can explore the beautiful rooftop jungle, a recreation of a tropical rainforest that is complete with a seven metre high waterfall!

Offering plenty to do and plenty to see, Palma aquarium is the perfect destination to explore the deep blue sea.


Majorca’s Most Beautiful Beach

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playa de´s trenc


Es Trenc beach spans across more than three kilometres of Majorca’s coastline and is the island’s most famous beach, enjoying immense popularity throughout the summer months. Amidst overwhelming popular demand, the local council declared Es Trenc a natural park and, as a result, visitors can appreciate the beach in all its natural glory.

The beach itself consists of fine white sand, a gentle slope and crystal clear water, which is calm and shallow, making it ideal for children. Different areas of the beach offer different atmospheres: one section of the beach is occupied by nudists, while other areas contain beach bars, restaurants and sun-beds.

By walking along the coast, away from the area next to the public car park, visitors can locate quieter areas of the beach for a more relaxing experience. Es Trenc is also situated next to a nature reserve, for those who wish to explore even further.

Grapes Galore!

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barrel of wine with grape cones


Hola amigos, it’s that time of year again! The town of Binissalem, on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Majorca, is throwing its annual Festa des Vermar (Grape Harvest Festival). The area is famed for its delicious wines and every year, as soon as the vines are heavy and ready to be harvested, the two weeks of festivities begin. There are open air celebrations, wine tastings and all manner of excuses to go and explore the gorgeous historic town and its surroundings. The main event is a wild and messy grape throwing fight, where hundreds of people engage in battle through the town, madly hurling grapes at one another. Of course, aside from the grapes, the battle has no losers and I can’t think of a much better way to spend a balmy two weeks in September. Just remember, no whining if you get too sticky.

The Best Majorca Resorts

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Majorca has many popular resorts that cater to a variety of budgets and interests. There are resorts that are ideal for those who enjoy clubbing, as well as quieter, family friendly resorts.

best resorts in majorca

Palma Nova is one of the best family friendly resorts in Majorca. It is quieter than the club focussed resorts, offering family friendly entertainment. There is a mini golf course, as well as beaches where you can enjoy various water sports. This resort is fairly inexpensive, so ideal for families who are on a budget.

For those who want a resort with an active nightlife, Magaluf may be the destination to choose. There are numerous bars and clubs to keep you entertained at night, along with beaches, a waterpark and a theme park to keep you occupied during the day. Magaluf is also a good option for low cost holidays.

Port D’Alcudia is an excellent resort for those who plan on spending a lot of time on the beach. Alcudia beach is nine miles long, offering a variety of water sports. This is considered to be the best beach in Majorca. Visitors to Port D’Alcudia can also explore Alcudia Old Town and visit the ancient ruins of Pollentia.

Although best known for beach holidays, Majorca is also a good destination for walking and trekking. Deia is an attractive base for trekking and cycling, with a beautiful landscape and towering mountains. With several luxury hotels, this is a more expensive resort than some of the other destinations in Majorca.

Valldemossa is also an excellent location for trekking. Like Deia, this pretty village is within the Tramuntana mountain range. This is a very popular location for lovers of the outdoors, as it is surrounded by lush countryside. There are some good hotels here that may be suitable for those who are on a more limited budget.

Majorca also has some cultural attractions. Palma City has numerous art galleries, museums and a gothic cathedral. This is also a good location for shopping, with a large shopping centre and speciality shops where you can enjoy local delicacies. The accommodation here ranges from budget to luxury.

Whether you are planning a relaxing beach holiday, a cultural city break or a trekking adventure, Majorca should have a resort to fit your needs.

Majorca’s Roman Ruins

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Las Ruinas de la Ciudad Romana de Pollentia



Majorca is more than a beach destination. The island also boasts an impressive array of Roman ruins. So why not take a break from your sun-bed and experience some history while you’re on holiday. Here are three, rich in Roman architecture places to visit:


This Roman city has existed on the island for some two thousand years. Neglected for centuries, after the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century AD, excavation and restoration work began on the city in 1920. There’s now the chance to explore the restored buildings, paths and courtyards and capture a feeling for what the original city must have looked like.

Santueri Castle

Close to Felanitx, this well-preserved 14th Century castle was once the site of a fortified commune for the Romans. At 475 metres above sea level, it sits at the top of a rocky outcrop. Once an excellent vantage point to look out for threats, the castle provides stunning views of the south east region of Majorca.

Son Real

Son real is a site of remains on the coast, protected and preserved by the government. The architectural remains include human settlements and a Necropolis which date back to the 7th Century BC!