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Get Wet and Wild at a Majorca Aqua Park!

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Majorca Aqua Park

When you’re on holiday, is anything more fun than riding a rubber ring down the slides or jumping through the waves in the pool? I think not. So, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting one of the fantastic Majorca Aqua Parks during your visit.

There’s plenty of family-fun to be had. Get wet and wild on the various slides, from the thrilling Kamikaze to the dark and scary tubes. Or, bask in the sun while the fun music plays and the kids play by the waterfall mushrooms. Some Majorca Aqua Parks even host more water-fun with exhibitions and events taking place throughout the day.

Aquaparks are a great way to cool down while having loads of fun. Just make sure you pack your swimsuit!

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Enjoy the Bustle of The Majorca Market

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Majorca Market

Often, one of the most exciting ways to discover the culture of another country is to visit a village market and the Majorca market has plenty to offer in this department with many of the Island’s oldest markets still busy and bustling!

Amongst fresh local produce and fabulous handcrafted items, you never know what you could discover. Yet, there’s no better place to find an authentic souvenir for your relatives back home or even a nice reminder of your trip.

If you’re thinking of visiting a Majorca Market then a great tip is that you get there early. The Markets can get overwhelmingly busy really quick and are usually packed up by the afternoon. Make sure you’re up and ready to sample all the best of the beauties they have to offer.

Some of the most atmospheric markets in Majorca are the Alcudia Market, Inca Market and Puerto Pollensa market.

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Majorca Holidays – Winter Wonderland

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The Spanish island of Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea.  In summer, crowds of tourists are attracted to the beautiful capital of Palma, as well as the numerous resorts and beaches that cover the island.  But Majorca holidays becomes even more enticing in the winter, as the climate is refreshingly mild and the summer crowds have disappeared, leaving a paradise for savvy travellers to discover.

winter holidays in majorca
In winter, daytime temperatures average between fifteen and twenty degrees Celsius.  This makes it the perfect time to embark on an outdoor adventure, and Majorca contains some of the most beautiful scenery on the Mediterranean.  The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range that has been designated a World Heritage Site, and it makes for some magnificent hiking.  There are also numerous cycling trails, and cyclists from mainland Europe sometimes come here to train during the winter, to avoid the cold of their home countries.
The inland expanses of Majorca contain many small villages that see little of the tourist activity of the coast, but they are often charming destinations in their own right.  After a long day hiking or cycling, you can find a bed and breakfast in the closest village and relax.  The inland of Majorca is also a wine-producing region, and you can work a tour of a vineyard or a wine-tasting into your agenda.
The capital city of Palma shouldn’t be neglected just because the summer has come and gone.  Palma is beautiful at any time of year, and many people might find it even more pleasant without the crowds of tourists.  The Old City of Palma contains architecture that can be compared to that of Florence, and the Arab Baths are a reminder of the city’s Moorish past.  After a day of exploring the picturesque streets, you can unwind on the terrace of one of the city’s many cafes or bars.  These terraces are invariably heated, and you will be toasty and warm even if the night is slightly chilly.
Many people don’t think of Majorca as a winter destination, but as long as you make sure to pack a jacket for the evenings, you will find that this captivating island is the perfect spot to escape the wintertime blues.  Majorca is only a short flight from mainland Europe, but it will seem like an exotic paradise to someone coming from a northern city in the UK or any other country.

Majorca Roadtrip – West Coast Exploration

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Dog in the Car - Majorca

If you’re hiring a car in Majorca then you’ll want to make the most of the opportunity. With wheels at your disposal you are free to explore all the best and most beautiful parts of the Island and the West Coast should certainly be at the top of your roadtrip list.

The mountain ranges of the West make for a grand display of dramatic landscapes. The roads twist and bend across the cliffs, making for a rather exciting driving experience.

You can stop-off and browse around the old towns, bask in the breathtaking views from cliff edges or relax in some peaceful beach coves.

Discover as you drive across the West Coast!

Palma Cathedral – An Amazing work of Architecture

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Palma Cathedral

You might holiday abroad to bask in the sun and top up your tan but it’s always interesting to experience some of the country’s history too. And, in Majorca, there’s no better way to get a taste of the past than to explore the magnificence of Palma city’s Roman Catholic cathedral.

Situated in the oldest part of the city, the 400 year-old cathedral is the absolute landmark of Palma. Its gold limestone and rich, Gothic architectural style create a breathtaking sight that is not to be missed.

While the Majorca sunlight shimmers across the building, inside you can discover the beautiful stained glass windows, view the detail of the architectural decorations and look up in awe at the 144ft high ceiling.

Astonishingly, Palma cathedral took 372 years to build and when work was completed in 1601. The building was dedicated to Palma’s patron saint, San Sebastian. It is also home to the tombs of great Kings and a Bishop who strangely wished that his hat be hung over his tomb – you can still see this today!