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The Amazing Three Kings Celebration

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Three Kings


Across the Spanish-speaking world, children enjoy a second round of gift-giving on Three Kings Day (January 6th) – Epiphany in the church calendar – and Mallorca is no exception. This tradition celebrates the visit of the Three Kings to Jesus’ stable in Bethlehem. Shoes stuffed with hay are left out at night to feed the camels of the Kings, enticing them to stop and leave gifts for the youngsters.

Festive foods are associated with the celebrations, like the crown-shaped ‘Three Kings Cake’ which has a bean or coin hidden inside. The child who finds it becomes the family’s ‘king for the day’.

In a spectacular display of pageantry, the Three Kings arrive aboard ship in the harbour at Palma on January 5th. Accompanied by a procession of floats and performers, the Kings parade through the town to the town hall square, all the while dispensing ‘caramelos’ (sweets) to children thronging the streets.

A Sunny Christmas Getaway – Christmas Travel Guide

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Christmas Travel Guide

Would you love to get away this Christmas but can’t stand the daunting idea of Christmas travel? It’s really not as bad as it seems! Take a look at our Christmas travel tips for easy ways to deal with traveling and to hopefully, get rid of any travel anxiety you may have.

1. Don’t bother wrapping up presents before packing them. If your parcel is selected for a baggage check, your efforts will be wasted!

2. Don’t pack party poppers; these are on the list of items not allowed on flights.

3. If possible, fly on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. You could save hundreds of pounds!

4. Plan your itinerary carefully to make sure that you arrive at the airport nice and early. Don’t forget to check the latest weather and traffic reports.

5. Try and avoid taking bulky presents to cut down on luggage and save money. Gift vouchers are always welcome presents and take up very little space.

Lastly, remember to safely lock up your house. Leave the heating on at a very low setting if the weather’s freezing. You don’t want to come back to burst pipes!

Abseiling in Majorca – An Unforgettable Experience.

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Although it’s quite possible to spend an entire holiday in Majorca basking in the sunshine on a beach, the island has so much more to offer. An excellent day out can be enjoyed with the help of a few ropes, a harness, and a rock face.

Mallorca’s mountainous terrain offers plentiful opportunities for abseiling, and this outdoor activity is suitable for anyone over the age of twelve. Abseiling is an exciting sport in its own right, but it is also a great way to overcome a fear of heights, building confidence step-by-step under the guidance of experienced instructors. Along with the heart-racing thrill of the descent, there are some breath-taking views over the island to see. With wet weather being the only limit, abseiling is available year round.

Prices for a half-day session start at around fifty Euros, so the whole family can enjoy abseiling without breaking the bank.

Christmas in Majorca – A Festive Adventure

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Christmas in Majorca


Christmas in Majorca arrives slowly, with no sign of Christmas carols in the shops until December when it is firmly showing on calendars across the island. Town squares are regaled with tiny Christmas lights and a Nativity scene – the Belén, which can often also be found in house and shop windows.

Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) is celebrated with family meals at home before Midnight Mass on the 24th December After Mass the eating continues before everyone heads to bed to recuperate their energies for more food on the 25th December.

Most important is the arrival of the Three Wise Men – the Reyes Magos, who, on the 6th January, bring presents to children. There are parades all over the island, the biggest is in Palma, as the Kings arrive by boat in coastal towns and by tractor in the country to throw sweets to the children and deliver their presents.

All of these fantastic and original activities make christmas in Majorca a must try! If you do decide to travel to Majorca for Christmas, choose Car Hire Majorca for a quick and easy rental.

Majorcan Food – The Long Standing Traditions of Majorcan Dining

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Majorcan Food


Traditional Majorcan food is based around the local produce with an emphasis on vegetables, fish and pork. Popular main courses include Fiduea which is the Majorcan version of paella and which is made with noodles instead of rice. Pork is cooked in many different ways and for llom amb col the pork is covered with raisins and pine nuts and wrapped in cabbage before being cooked.

Majorcan food also includes interesting desserts, which tend to be quite light dishes. These include crème caramel or gato de almendras which is an almond cake that is traditionally served with ice cream made from toasted almonds. Ensaimadas are another popular desert choice and are also often served for breakfast. They are pastries made in a spiral shape which are dusted with sugar and which can be filled with a variety of fillings such as jam or even sausage depending on when you are eating them.