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Easter Cuisine in Majorca

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Easter Cuisine

During Holy Week, the people of Majorca prepare delightful Easter cuisine to celebrate the holiday.

Bakeries will compete to display the most spectacular ‘Mona de Pascua'; chocolate sculptures which can take many forms, from eggs to rabbits.

Families will also get together, preparing traditional dishes of Panades, Cocarrois and Robiols. Panades is a kind of edible pie-shaped basket, made with flour, and filled with lamb meat. A cocarrois is like a Cornish pasty filled with Swiss Chard or garlic. Robiols are a sweet food; crescent moon shaped pastries filled with marmalade or curd cheese.

All these pieces of easter cuisine are available to buy in bakeries as they are very popular during the Easter season, but many people prefer the communal spirit of cooking with friends and families.

Pub-Crawling tours Get the Go Ahead in Calvia, Majorca

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Just a few days ago, Pub-crawling, that wonderful British eccentricity, was made legal in Calvia, Mallorca.

The ‘Pub-crawl’ is like a guided tour around a landmark destination, except that scenic views are replaced with the interiors of several pubs in the local area.

Some local business owners disapproved of the practice, but the town hall decided to draw up new laws to regulate Pub-crawling rather than banning it outright.

It’s good news for the drinkers, because under the new laws pub owners are compelled to reduce the prices of drinks for Pub-crawlers.

However, it does come with some red tape, as the organizers of the Pub crawl will be required to pay for insurance, and be fully approved by the town hall before the crawl can commence.

However, it’s still nice to know that the popular activity can now be freely enjoyed.

Easter Holidays in Sunny Majorca

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Easter Holidays

Easter is the perfect time to visit Majorca, as this picturesque Spanish island really comes to life at this time of year. That’s why Easter holidays are so popular. Easter is known as Semana Santa in Majorca and the celebration kick off with Palm Sunday. Thousands of people from all over the island take part in processions from their church at this time to symbolise welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem.

The Easter celebrations last for a full week in Majorca. Among the events that visitors will be able to witness are impressive parades, vibrant markets, fiesta and a wide range of other events. Perhaps the largest processions of the week are Crist de la Sang, which is held on Maundy Thursday and Sant Enterrament on Good Friday. One of the great things about these celebrations is that visitors are welcome to join in the fun and this is a great opportunity to discover warmth and vitality of the people of Majorca.