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A Guide to Majorcan Wines

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Majorcan Wines

Wine has been produced in Majorca for almost two thousand years and the industry saw a major expansion towards the end of the nineteenth century. However, until very recently Majorcan wines have been something of a well-kept secret beyond the shores of the island.

The three major vine-growing regions of Majorca are Binissalem on the central plain, Pla i Llevant in the east and Serra De Tramuntana and Costa Nord in the foothills of the western mountains. The Majorcan wine industry has benefited from considerable investment and modernisation in the last decade and the Binissalem region has been awarded the coveted DO status.

Some seventy-five percent of the wine from Binissalem is red, of which the best known is Crianza. Pla i Llevant produces excellent white wines, particularly those made from the Chardonnay and Muscat grapes. Serra De Tramuntana and Costa Nord is known for its fresh-tasting white wines and single-variety reds.

Whilst Majorcan wines are still not widely available outside Spain, they are without doubt the first choice wine to enjoy with local food when visiting the island.



Get Active – Water Skiing in Majorca

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water skiing

Wherever you are in Majorca, you are bound to find a variety of activities, including water sports. You will not be able to resist the numerous opportunities to try water skiing; sports like this are popular all over Majorca and are well worth attempting. Create a memorable trip.

Water Skiing is a truly exhilarating experience that you will never forget, especially in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most popular locations in Majorca for water skiing include Palma Nova and Magaluf. No matter your age, gender or physical ability, you can try water skiing; it is fun for everyone, plus it will add something extra to your day at the beach.

Water skiing does not look like the easiest of tasks, but you’re surely going to enjoy the experience and feel a great sense of achievement. There is no better place to try this activity than in the Balearic island of Majorca.

Essential Reading – New Road Laws in Majorca

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New Road Laws in Majorca

New road laws came into effect on May 9 this year and they mean that anyone driving or cycling in Mallorca has to polish up their act. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the new laws.

Exceeding the speed limit by just 1kmph can result in a fine. The motorway speed limit has increased from 120kmph to 130kmph, but in towns it’s down from 30kmph to 20kmph. Speed camera detectors are now illegal.

Child car seats are compulsory and the Guardia Civil can impound any vehicle found carrying children without them. There are also new guidelines about how children of different ages can be seated.

Drink drivers are subject to a minimum fine of 1,000 Euros if found to be twice over the blood alcohol limit.

Cyclists under the age of 16 must wear helmets and car driers are more responsible for the safety of all cyclists.

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Take Your Car out for a Scenic Spin – Andratx to Sóller

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Andratx to Sóller

The north-west coastline of Majorca offers a host of beautiful sights for visitors and some of the best can be seen while driving from Andratx to Sóller. This route passes along the MA-10 highway for a distance of only around 40 miles, but it is worthwhile planning to spend the whole day exploring.

The drive out of Andratx climbs through a beautiful pine forest and offers glimpses of the Mediterranean. It is possible to stop at look-out points along the way for better views out over the sea and this includes the 16th century watchtower at Torre del Verger. There are also plenty of picturesque villages to stop at and try some of the local delicacies, with some of the best being Estellencs, Valledemossa, and Deia. Leave some daylight hours to explore Sóller at the end of the drive and enjoy its scenic citrus groves, historic buildings, and pavement cafes.

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