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Best Things To See And Do On Mallorca Island

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Mallorca, better known as Majorca, is a very popular holiday destination, with people coming from as far as the United States and Canada to visit this beautiful Mediterranean treasure. Part of the Balearic Islands, it is in an area well known for partying and having a good time, with Magaluf and Ibiza being the central attractions; but there is more to this island than sangria and nightclubs. Read on to find out more about some amazing things to see and do whilst visiting Mallorca.


History and Architecture

Everywhere you look there is history, the place is literally dripping in the stuff. From magnificent castles to impressive mansions and everything in between. A treasure trove of buildings and historical landmarks await any budding history or architecture fan. The Palau de l’Almudaina is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring sights to be found in Palma, Mallorca’s capital city. It was once a Muslim fort, but little of the original Islamic design remains after Jaume I and his various successors modified it to suit their own tastes. The current King of Spain resides here in a symbolic capacity, but it isn’t his actual home, preferring instead to live in Cala Major. If you happen to visit when he is participating in official ceremonies, however, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him and his family. The price of entry to this beautiful castle is very modest and you can visit all year round, although it closes earlier in winter. Some other excellent examples of architecture combined with history are the Castell de Belver, which stands impressively on a hill top in the north-west area of Palma, its round shape and Gothic design give it a unique look well worth visiting; the Castell d’Alaró is the place that Christian soldiers were starved out by Muslim soldiers during a conflict in the Early Middle Ages – the ruin can be found on a rock, high above Palma, with magnificent views all the way to Badia de Alcúdia, making this a worthwhile climb for anyone with the gusto to give it a go.

Nature and beaches

Beaches in majorca

Understandably, there is much to see and do in Mallorca, especially when it comes to being outdoors enjoying nature and the sweeping sandy beaches it has to offer. With so many beautiful places to visit, it can be hard to decide where to go. Serra de Tramuntana is an impressive mountain range that stretches across the north-west coast of the island, showing Mallorca in a more traditional, unspoiled state. You can explore by car, pony or on foot and may even see mountain goats going about their business. The Mondragó Natural Park, found in Santanyi, in the south-east of the island, is a stunning park with more than seventy species of birds, excellent hiking trails and two peaceful beaches looking out on to amazingly blue waters. It is a fantastic way to wile away an afternoon. The Palma Aquarium is home to around eight thousand sea creatures, from sharks to seahorses, all from various marine habitats. It is thought to be one of the best aquariums in the Mediterranean and is a perfect destination for those with small children or an interest in marine wildlife.

Museums and the Arts

It should come as no surprise that Mallorca’s museums are dominated with works from brilliant artists such as Picasso, Santiago Rusiñol and its very own Miquel Barceló. Two of the best galleries to visit are the Es Baluard, in the capital city of Palma, and Ca’n Prunera, in Sóller. The former is home to an array of temporary exhibitions, details of which can be found on the museum website, but it also houses an impressive permanent collection, boasting works by Picasso, Joan Miró, Joaquín Sorolla and Miquel Barceló. It also possesses work on Mallorcan landscapes, created by local artists, capturing the very essence of the region. The latter museum is a testament to the variety of mediums that can be found in the artistic world, with drawings from Gauguin, Klimt and Cezanne; paintings by Juli Ramis and Miquel Barceló; and even a sculpture garden by Francesca Martí called Movement. If that isn’t enough, there is a little known exhibition to be found at the train station in Sóller, with one room presenting ceramics from Picasso and another with bright, colourful prints from Joan Miró.



One of the first things you might notice when visiting Palma is the enormous cathedral rising up from the centre of the city. The Catedral de Mallorca, also known as Le Seu, is one of the biggest cathedrals in Europe and only when you visit it can you appreciate the immense size of this structure. It is steeped in history, being the original site of the main mosque for Muslim Mallorca in the Middle Ages which was later replaced, after Jaume I successfully conquered the region, with the impressive cathedral that dominates the landscape of Palma today. The cathedral isn’t the only beautiful landmark that should be visited on a trip to Mallorca, however, because in the area of Porto Cristo is an amazing network of caves known as the Cuevas del Drach. Containing four immense caverns, each lit to beautiful effect, the Cuevas del Drach offers a tour like no other, right into the heart of Mallorca. If that isn’t spectacular enough, the caves are also home to Lake Martel, thought to be one of the biggest subterranean lakes in the world, and a short boat ride on the lake can be arranged to truly appreciate the natural beauty of the place. As you can see, there is plenty to explore whilst in Mallorca, alongside the more popular activities of partying and chilling out on the beautiful beaches. Incorporating one or two of the above destinations into your holiday itinerary will ensure that you are able to truly enjoy all that Mallorca, and her surrounding islands, have to offer.

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Palma de Mallorca’s Nightlife

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night life in Majorca

Palma de Mallorca is unquestionably one of the best cities to enjoy a night out in Majorca. With plenty of restaurants and bars visitors are able to seize Palma’s nightlife throughout the entire year.Everyday hundreds of tourists frequent the array of bars and pubs that Palma is famed for. With bars and clubs in the area catering for every music taste and remaining open early into the morning, there’s something for everyone.


La Lonja

One of the most vibrant neighbourhoods to explore on a night out is called La Lonja. La Lonja is located in the old town and is a great place to head to when the sun goes down. There you will find numerous bars, pubs, restaurants and a variety of shops. With a plethora of street performers and assortment of different bars, each offering music from flamenco to Jazz and Pop, the bars in La Lonja offer an exciting and energetic atmosphere that keeps going until 4am most mornings.

Promenade and seafront

Palma’s promenade stretches from the west to the city centre. Similar to La Lonja, the place is filled with many different types of establishment which are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. If you are a clubber, this is definitely the place to go as most of Palma’s clubs are concentrated in this area.

3 of Palma’s Best Nightclubs

Tito’s. Probably the best known nightclub in Palma, Tito’s was first opened in the 1950’s. The club has a great view of the city and the port and is regularly visited by a younger crowd of students.

Pacha Mallorca. Built on the side of a cliff, Pacha Mallorca provides visitors with a great view of the city. The club has 3 floors each one with its own genre of music: House, Funk and Chill-out music – perfect for all tastes.

Made in Brazil. Located on the seafront, this bar is ideal for salsa lovers who want to dance the night away.

Whatever you are looking for you should find a suitable place to enjoy your nights out in Majorca.

Grab a rope – Sailing in Majorca

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sailing in Majorca

Majorca is without a doubt one of the most stunning locations within Spain. As this island is a refuge for countless thousands of tourists each and every year, it should be no surprise that there are a wide range of activities to enjoy. In particular, sailing is a popular pastime that offers anyone a truly pristine view of cerulean blue waters punctuated by a majestic coastline. So, what features enable sailing in Majorca to be such a frequent choice when on holiday?

Favourable Winds
A key variable to consider is that due to the position of Majorca within the Mediterranean Sea, the winds are generally calm during most of the year. The islands will actually block much of the inclement weather that can be found on the open ocean while reliable thermal winds provide adequate momentum throughout the day. Of course, the winter months can be a bit more unpredictable. Even so, Majorca is thought to be one of the best locations for those who are learning to sail.

Numerous Harbours
The natural geography of Majorca provides a host of excellent coves and bays to take shelter if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst. While excellent to afford a certain amount of protection, these formations are just as perfect if one wishes to drop anchor and spend a tranquil day relaxing underneath the inviting equatorial sun.

Countless Services
Due to the maritime nature of Majorca and all of the Balearic Islands, there are a host of sailing-related services to enjoy. From boat hire to sailing lessons and even chartering a private yacht for an excursion, the notion of “one size fits all” in reference to such activities is certainly relevant here. Most of these amenities are quite amenably priced.

These are a few of the reasons why Majorca is so respected within the sailing community. With a combination of calm waters, an inviting climate and numerous sailing services, both novices and professionals alike will make their way to this tropical paradise every year. When one is searching for an unforgettable experience upon the open water, Majorca is indeed an excellent choice.

The Top 5 Museums and Art Galleries in Majorca

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Museums and Art Galleries

For those seeking an alternative experience of the largest Balearic island to the usual partying and sun worship, Majorca has a wide range of museums and art galleries to choose from.

1. Museu de la Mar
The Museu de la Mar, or the Port of the Sea, is situated at the Port de Sóller and is a celebration of that port’s maritime history. The museum resides within a medieval chapel, the Oratorio de Santa Caterina, and showcases a range of seafaring memorabilia in respect and remembrance of the settlement’s centuries old reliance on the sea for survival.

2. CCA Andratx Art Centre
The CCA Andratxt Art Centre is a must see for admirers of post-modern creativity. On showcase are a variety of artistic mediums, including installation, sculptures, paintings and photographs. Located in Andratx, near Palma, this gallery displays exquisite artworks from Spanish as well as international artists.

3. Museu de Fang (Majorcan pottery museum)
The Museu de Fang, or the Clay Museum, contains examples of Balearic pottery with an emphasis on local Majorcan items. This museum, housed in an old windmill, serves as a reminder of the thriving local pottery industry that has existed here for centuries. It is both an art gallery and a museum, in its way, because the often functional objects on display are works of art as well as cultural and historical artifacts.

4. Casal Solleric
Located in Palma, capital of Majorca and the Balearics, this art gallery resides within a magnificent 18th century baroque building and exhibits contemporary paintings and photography. Visitors may enjoy the contrast between the historical setting and the contemporary exhibits.

5. Es Revellar Art Resort Galleries
This art gallery resides in the magnificent Es Revellar estate, located in the municipality of Campos and dating from the 15th century. Serving as both a hotel and an art gallery, it practices the concept of land art, that is the use of beautiful surroundings to induce pleasant emotions. Works of art including sculptures as well as multicultural and historical artifacts melt into exquisite gardens and gorgeous stone villas.