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On Yer Bike: Cycling in Majorca

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Watch out for Mamils … one of Mallorca’s testing routes

Majorca is known by many as an ideal sun-drenched holiday destination and by a few as a place for intense physical training. Whilst a small trickle of tourists enjoy cycling in Majorca, during the island’s mild winters, many of the top European cycle teams descend for the start of their year-round training, favouring the range of terrain available, the bright and picturesque light and the pleasant winter conditions.

However, no Olympic medal is required to enjoy Majorca’s famous landscape. While the professionals arrive in January or February, the more popular time to arrive is in the spring. During March and April, the roads of Majorca see more cyclists than cars. This early spring is a great time to visit Majorca for a cycle holiday as the summer sun has not yet found the island, and neither have the package holiday makers.

The island boasts a number of fantastic base towns for cyclists depending on experience. Used to hard treks through the mountains and peaks? Then head to the North-West of the island to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, choosing a hotel in nearby Soller or Inca with a specialized bike service for guests. Hoping for something a little more relaxed? Then look further south near the coast where the tracks are flatter.

Despite the island having a fantastic climate for outside activities, a few precautions are necessary when planning a holiday cycling in Majorca. The high temperatures in summer mean adequate water and heat protection is necessary, especially in the higher elevations as burning is a danger. As snow only occurs a couple of days a year near the tops of the mountain ranges, the risk is small but again adequate precaution is a necessity.

Majorca has made vast improvements in facilities for cyclists. Some hotels offer a combination service, partnering with cycle firms to provide the best experience, whilst others offer bike storage services for those who wish to bring their own. The variety and range of bicycle shops, the well-maintained tracks and detailed local advice mean that Majorca is not just the favoured destination for the professional cyclist, but also increasingly the amateur.

Top 5 places to visit in Majorca this Spring

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Majorca is a great place for a Holiday, with excursions and activities to suit everyone, it’s sure to be a popular hit with all the family. Here are are Top 5 for this Spring!


This is a gorgeous little town, just 17 miles from Palma. The art deco houses and classy craft shops make it a magnet for tourists and shoppers, but to really appreciate Sóller, you must take the antique wooden train from the Eusebio Estada station in Palma. Following a winding route through tunnels, pine forests, and orange groves, it takes you to the heart of Sóller, and after a stroll through the town, take the tram to the beach for a perfect day out.


The very best time to visit the island of Cabrera is Spring – only then can you see the carpets of spring flowers that tumble down the hills. Cabrera is part of a string of islands and it is a designated National Park thanks to the vast numbers of animals and plant species. Boat trips to the island depart from Colonia de Sant Jordi, and Porto Petro harbour at 9.30am.

La Seu

La Seu is Majorca’s magnificent Cathedral overlooking Palma bay in the centre of the island’s capital. Take the time to walk around the exterior on the seaward side for the most impressive exterior view, then enter and bask in the glory of the stained glass window at the nave.

La Seu Cahtedral Majorca

Lluc Sanctuary

The Santuari de Lluc (or Monestir de Nostra Senyora de Lluc) is Majorca’s oldest Holy site. Set in the North of the Island, it is a both beautiful and tranquil site. Since the statue of the Madonna La Moreneta was found there 800 years ago, it has become a popular place of pilgrimage. The statue can now be found in the Basilica, and choirboys sing the Salve every morning and evening. The museum is also well worth a visit. This is great place for cyclists and hikers, as it is part of the the very scenic mountain trails.

The Formentor Peninsula
The drive to the famous Cap de Formentar is famous for being an experience in itself, as the challenging bends and dramatic scenery make for a wonderful day out. The drive culminates in the lighthouse surrounded by craggy rocks. The view is amazing from here, and on a clear day you can see the neighbouring Island, Menorca.