A Brief Majorcan History

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Majorcan History

Majorcan History twists and turns through many different rulings but to many, Majorca is a traditional holiday spot. This reputation for tourism began in the 1960s, but the Mediterranean island was first occupied as early as 6000 BC. Since then possession of the island has been contested frequently, passing through phases of occupation over the course of almost 2,000 years.

The Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals and Byzantines all laid claim to Majorca. The island was seized by the Emirate of Cordoba in 902 AD, and passed into a phase of Muslim and North African control. In 1229 Majorca was captured by King James I of Aragon, returning the island to European control. From this point on the rulership of Majorca began to settle.

The War of Spanish Succession threw the region into turmoil, but its conclusion brought Majorca under unified Spanish rule in 1716 where it’s remained ever since.

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