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Majorca’s Roman Ruins

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Las Ruinas de la Ciudad Romana de Pollentia



Majorca is more than a beach destination. The island also boasts an impressive array of Roman ruins. So why not take a break from your sun-bed and experience some history while you’re on holiday. Here are three, rich in Roman architecture places to visit:


This Roman city has existed on the island for some two thousand years. Neglected for centuries, after the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century AD, excavation and restoration work began on the city in 1920. There’s now the chance to explore the restored buildings, paths and courtyards and capture a feeling for what the original city must have looked like.

Santueri Castle

Close to Felanitx, this well-preserved 14th Century castle was once the site of a fortified commune for the Romans. At 475 metres above sea level, it sits at the top of a rocky outcrop. Once an excellent vantage point to look out for threats, the castle provides stunning views of the south east region of Majorca.

Son Real

Son real is a site of remains on the coast, protected and preserved by the government. The architectural remains include human settlements and a Necropolis which date back to the 7th Century BC!

Cultural Activities in Mallorca.

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Surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountains, Deia is a stunning hillside village on the North West coast of Mallorca. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful old buildings and olive groves, Deia also has its own intimate beach. It is tranquil, quiet and totally relaxing – just what you want from an unwinding holiday.  With its steep passages and dainty restaurants, the old city of Deia is perfect for exploring!


Bergdorf Deia auf Mallorca


Also in the Tramuntana Range is the town of Valledemossa. The streets are decorated with flower displays and luscious plants making them a beautiful sight. Instead of a beach, Valledemossa offers a different experience. It is home to a little harbour called Port Valledemossa which is about 6km away. As it is near to the coast the hiking trails that lead through the mountain allow you to have fantastic sea views.



Cap De Formentor.

The stunning views and amazing sandy beaches make Cap De Formentor in Mallorca a great place to holiday. The actual make up of the place is phenomenal with huge cliffs and trees growing from seemingly nowhere, it feels like being on a desert island at times. The winding road is worthy of the visit alone, the views from the different twists and turns over rock faces is incredible.
One of the most popular tourist attractions is the beautiful beach. Away from the typical Mallorca hotspots, but close enough to venture there if you wanted, Cap De Formentor is a great place to stay and it can be strongly recommended.


Bellver Castle

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One of the top attractions in Mallorca is Bellver Castle, which has become very popular with visitors in the past few years. This 14th century fortress is a unique example of a Spanish round castle. The circular keep has three round towers attached, and a separate donjon linked by a narrow bridge.

A prison for over two hundred years, it now houses a museum dedicated to the history of Palma de Mallorca. Visitors can visit many parts of the castle, including the throne room, kitchens and the beautiful San Marcos Chapel. Around the central cistern are two levels of Gothic arches. Bellver Castle offers spectacular views of Palma de Mallorca, the city’s cathedral and the bay beyond.

The castle is open from 08.30 to 20.00, except for half-day openings on Mondays. Visitors can travel there by taxi, or one of four local bus routes serving the castle.