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Two Beaches in Majorca Voted Amongst The best in Spain

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Spain has long been known as an excellent destination for a beach vacation and a recent survey by the comparison site Trivago showed that the island of Majorca is one of its top locations for this. The survey ranked the best beaches in Spain, with two in Majorca making it into the top 10.

Playa de Muro came in at number 3 on the list, with this beach stretching to a distance of around 6km. Its waters and sand have a Blue Flag rating to show they are in pristine condition and its length and out of town location means it never gets too crowded.

Cala Millor beach (as seen above) was ranked 7th in the survey and this is another Blue Flag stretch of sand. It is around 1km long, with its picturesque white sand and turquoise waters offering the chance to relax in the sun or enjoy some fun water sports.

Essential Reading – New Road Laws in Majorca

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New Road Laws in Majorca

New road laws came into effect on May 9 this year and they mean that anyone driving or cycling in Mallorca has to polish up their act. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the new laws.

Exceeding the speed limit by just 1kmph can result in a fine. The motorway speed limit has increased from 120kmph to 130kmph, but in towns it’s down from 30kmph to 20kmph. Speed camera detectors are now illegal.

Child car seats are compulsory and the Guardia Civil can impound any vehicle found carrying children without them. There are also new guidelines about how children of different ages can be seated.

Drink drivers are subject to a minimum fine of 1,000 Euros if found to be twice over the blood alcohol limit.

Cyclists under the age of 16 must wear helmets and car driers are more responsible for the safety of all cyclists.

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Seaweed Clears Up Ready for Summer

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Some visitors, who were looking to relax on Mallorca’s beaches this Easter, had a bit of a rude awakening when their tranquillity was interrupted by diggers removing copious amounts of seaweed.

Normally, the seaweed that builds up over the winter is cleared before the tourist season is in full swing. But, this hasn’t been the case this year.

Subsequently, complaints have been made, by both residents and tourists in Es Trenc and Camp de Mar, concerning the brown seaweed that has been piled up by the excavators. These complaints in Camp de Mar in particular have resulted in an investigation, as officials and two business heads from the clean-up company involved are looking into the matter.

Luckily, as the diggers have now finished their work, Camp De Mar is a seaweed free zone ready for summer.

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Pub-Crawling tours Get the Go Ahead in Calvia, Majorca

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Just a few days ago, Pub-crawling, that wonderful British eccentricity, was made legal in Calvia, Mallorca.

The ‘Pub-crawl’ is like a guided tour around a landmark destination, except that scenic views are replaced with the interiors of several pubs in the local area.

Some local business owners disapproved of the practice, but the town hall decided to draw up new laws to regulate Pub-crawling rather than banning it outright.

It’s good news for the drinkers, because under the new laws pub owners are compelled to reduce the prices of drinks for Pub-crawlers.

However, it does come with some red tape, as the organizers of the Pub crawl will be required to pay for insurance, and be fully approved by the town hall before the crawl can commence.

However, it’s still nice to know that the popular activity can now be freely enjoyed.

Going Down The Beach to Surf – Playa de Palma to be WiFi Zone

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Playa de Palma

Visitors to the beautiful beach of Playa de Palma, Mallorca, will soon be able to connect to local WiFi to use their electronic devices.

The plan, a joint project between the Palma City Council and private company MallorcaWiFi, aims to turn the 7km stretch of beach into a WiFi zone. Holidaymakers will be able to use the free wireless service to connect to the internet instead of using expensive roaming data tariffs.

Mallorca WiFi has invested 300,000 euro in the project, which will be implemented in three phases. The first phase will be in operation this holiday season and will cover the beach area from Cala Estancia to Arnal de Llucmajor. Visitors will be able to access the service 365 days a year, and it is hoped the scheme will encourage ‘smart tourism’.