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Palma de Mallorca’s Nightlife

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night life in Majorca

Palma de Mallorca is unquestionably one of the best cities to enjoy a night out in Majorca. With plenty of restaurants and bars visitors are able to seize Palma’s nightlife throughout the entire year.Everyday hundreds of tourists frequent the array of bars and pubs that Palma is famed for. With bars and clubs in the area catering for every music taste and remaining open early into the morning, there’s something for everyone.


La Lonja

One of the most vibrant neighbourhoods to explore on a night out is called La Lonja. La Lonja is located in the old town and is a great place to head to when the sun goes down. There you will find numerous bars, pubs, restaurants and a variety of shops. With a plethora of street performers and assortment of different bars, each offering music from flamenco to Jazz and Pop, the bars in La Lonja offer an exciting and energetic atmosphere that keeps going until 4am most mornings.

Promenade and seafront

Palma’s promenade stretches from the west to the city centre. Similar to La Lonja, the place is filled with many different types of establishment which are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. If you are a clubber, this is definitely the place to go as most of Palma’s clubs are concentrated in this area.

3 of Palma’s Best Nightclubs

Tito’s. Probably the best known nightclub in Palma, Tito’s was first opened in the 1950’s. The club has a great view of the city and the port and is regularly visited by a younger crowd of students.

Pacha Mallorca. Built on the side of a cliff, Pacha Mallorca provides visitors with a great view of the city. The club has 3 floors each one with its own genre of music: House, Funk and Chill-out music – perfect for all tastes.

Made in Brazil. Located on the seafront, this bar is ideal for salsa lovers who want to dance the night away.

Whatever you are looking for you should find a suitable place to enjoy your nights out in Majorca.