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Majorca Roadtrip – A North East Adventure

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Planning a holiday in Majorca? Spend your time creating the most memorable experiences of your life exploring the north-east coast of the island by car. Start your day at Manacor, renowned as the centre of Majorca`s pearl industry. Continue along the Ma-4020 to Porto Cristo, a fishing village close to both the Caves del Drac and the Coves dels Hams. Take a tour of either cave, notable for their stalactites, stalagmites and subterranean lakes, or enjoy driving around the safari zoo, a great place for lunch.

Continue driving toward the large resort, Cala Millor, and the quieter, medieval community of Son Servera, which lies at the foot of Muntanya de Calicant. Next stop is Capadera, dominated by a castle from the Middle Ages. Close by, Cala Mesquida has a protected beach, home of a large cormorant population.

And then end your busy day in bliss, by admiring the pretty town of Arta from its fort on a hill.

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The Amazing Three Kings Celebration

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Three Kings


Across the Spanish-speaking world, children enjoy a second round of gift-giving on Three Kings Day (January 6th) – Epiphany in the church calendar – and Mallorca is no exception. This tradition celebrates the visit of the Three Kings to Jesus’ stable in Bethlehem. Shoes stuffed with hay are left out at night to feed the camels of the Kings, enticing them to stop and leave gifts for the youngsters.

Festive foods are associated with the celebrations, like the crown-shaped ‘Three Kings Cake’ which has a bean or coin hidden inside. The child who finds it becomes the family’s ‘king for the day’.

In a spectacular display of pageantry, the Three Kings arrive aboard ship in the harbour at Palma on January 5th. Accompanied by a procession of floats and performers, the Kings parade through the town to the town hall square, all the while dispensing ‘caramelos’ (sweets) to children thronging the streets.

Arabic Baths – An Amazing Historical Discovery

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Arabic Baths


For three hundred years, from the 7th to the 10th century, Mallorca was occupied by the Moors. The Arabic baths, in the gardens of Can Fontirroig, are the only remains of the city of Medina Mayurqa and one of the island’s few surviving examples of Muslim architecture.

The most striking feature of the arabic baths are the domes, or cupolas. The twelve columns supporting the dome are of different construction and materials, and were probably reused Roman remains. The dome covered the caldarium, or steam room, and has six holes to allow steam to escape. Next door is the tepidarium, or warm room, where the bathers would have gathered before entering the caldarium. Unfortunately nothing remains of the frigidarium, where they would have finished their bathe with a plunge into cool water.

The surrounding gardens are a delight to explore, and the ruins are open all year round with an entry fee of 2 Euros.

Serra de Tramuntana – An Adventure You’ll Never Forget

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Serra de Tramuntana


If you’re looking for a stunning destination to visit that’s not quite mainstream, then consider visiting the Serra de Tramuntana. This mountain range runs across the north-western coast of Majorca, and has been awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO due to its significant physical and cultural importance.

Majorca is a highly popular holiday destination, offering great weather, stunning sights, and amazing culture. However, if you want a little more than the usual sights in Majorca have to offer, then the Serra de Tramuntana is right up your alley.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing drive to see the stunning mountain scenery and the coast, or you want to enjoy a spot of hiking, this area is ideal for you. You can stop in all the towns, enjoy a cup of coffee, visit the Monastir de Lluc, and generally immerse yourself in the culture of this amazing island. It will be a trip you’ll never forget.

Enjoy the Bustle of The Majorca Market

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Majorca Market

Often, one of the most exciting ways to discover the culture of another country is to visit a village market and the Majorca market has plenty to offer in this department with many of the Island’s oldest markets still busy and bustling!

Amongst fresh local produce and fabulous handcrafted items, you never know what you could discover. Yet, there’s no better place to find an authentic souvenir for your relatives back home or even a nice reminder of your trip.

If you’re thinking of visiting a Majorca Market then a great tip is that you get there early. The Markets can get overwhelmingly busy really quick and are usually packed up by the afternoon. Make sure you’re up and ready to sample all the best of the beauties they have to offer.

Some of the most atmospheric markets in Majorca are the Alcudia Market, Inca Market and Puerto Pollensa market.

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Majorca Roadtrip – West Coast Exploration

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Dog in the Car - Majorca

If you’re hiring a car in Majorca then you’ll want to make the most of the opportunity. With wheels at your disposal you are free to explore all the best and most beautiful parts of the Island and the West Coast should certainly be at the top of your roadtrip list.

The mountain ranges of the West make for a grand display of dramatic landscapes. The roads twist and bend across the cliffs, making for a rather exciting driving experience.

You can stop-off and browse around the old towns, bask in the breathtaking views from cliff edges or relax in some peaceful beach coves.

Discover as you drive across the West Coast!

Palma Cathedral – An Amazing work of Architecture

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Palma Cathedral

You might holiday abroad to bask in the sun and top up your tan but it’s always interesting to experience some of the country’s history too. And, in Majorca, there’s no better way to get a taste of the past than to explore the magnificence of Palma city’s Roman Catholic cathedral.

Situated in the oldest part of the city, the 400 year-old cathedral is the absolute landmark of Palma. Its gold limestone and rich, Gothic architectural style create a breathtaking sight that is not to be missed.

While the Majorca sunlight shimmers across the building, inside you can discover the beautiful stained glass windows, view the detail of the architectural decorations and look up in awe at the 144ft high ceiling.

Astonishingly, Palma cathedral took 372 years to build and when work was completed in 1601. The building was dedicated to Palma’s patron saint, San Sebastian. It is also home to the tombs of great Kings and a Bishop who strangely wished that his hat be hung over his tomb – you can still see this today!

Fishy Fun!

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Photo of a coral colony

You might go for a paddle or even a swim in the sea while you’re in Majorca but why not discover what’s living in those deep blue depths? For an amazing day and an exciting opportunity to learn more about marine life, visit Palma Aquarium. At this immense and breathtaking park, you can experience a vast selection of underwater habitats, home to more than 8000 different animals. There’s also a range of exciting activities to keep you occupied, including guided tours and underwater diving.

At the park, you’ll find huge aquariums housing thousands of colourful fish, Mediterranean gardens, an impressive jellyfish tank and the deepest shark tank in Europe! The kids can discover the pirate ship play-area and go to a shark sleepover. Or, for a more relaxing day, you can explore the beautiful rooftop jungle, a recreation of a tropical rainforest that is complete with a seven metre high waterfall!

Offering plenty to do and plenty to see, Palma aquarium is the perfect destination to explore the deep blue sea.


Majorca’s Most Beautiful Beach

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playa de´s trenc


Es Trenc beach spans across more than three kilometres of Majorca’s coastline and is the island’s most famous beach, enjoying immense popularity throughout the summer months. Amidst overwhelming popular demand, the local council declared Es Trenc a natural park and, as a result, visitors can appreciate the beach in all its natural glory.

The beach itself consists of fine white sand, a gentle slope and crystal clear water, which is calm and shallow, making it ideal for children. Different areas of the beach offer different atmospheres: one section of the beach is occupied by nudists, while other areas contain beach bars, restaurants and sun-beds.

By walking along the coast, away from the area next to the public car park, visitors can locate quieter areas of the beach for a more relaxing experience. Es Trenc is also situated next to a nature reserve, for those who wish to explore even further.

Cultural Activities in Mallorca.

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Surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountains, Deia is a stunning hillside village on the North West coast of Mallorca. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful old buildings and olive groves, Deia also has its own intimate beach. It is tranquil, quiet and totally relaxing – just what you want from an unwinding holiday.  With its steep passages and dainty restaurants, the old city of Deia is perfect for exploring!


Bergdorf Deia auf Mallorca


Also in the Tramuntana Range is the town of Valledemossa. The streets are decorated with flower displays and luscious plants making them a beautiful sight. Instead of a beach, Valledemossa offers a different experience. It is home to a little harbour called Port Valledemossa which is about 6km away. As it is near to the coast the hiking trails that lead through the mountain allow you to have fantastic sea views.



Cap De Formentor.

The stunning views and amazing sandy beaches make Cap De Formentor in Mallorca a great place to holiday. The actual make up of the place is phenomenal with huge cliffs and trees growing from seemingly nowhere, it feels like being on a desert island at times. The winding road is worthy of the visit alone, the views from the different twists and turns over rock faces is incredible.
One of the most popular tourist attractions is the beautiful beach. Away from the typical Mallorca hotspots, but close enough to venture there if you wanted, Cap De Formentor is a great place to stay and it can be strongly recommended.