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About Cycling in Majorca

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Spanien, Mallorca, Mann und Frau, Radfahren auf der Strae bei Cap de Formentor


About Cycling in Majorca

With is dazzling azure ocean, beautiful sandy beaches and dramatic mountain backdrops, Majorca offers some of the most picturesque scenery in the whole of Spain. People who want to explore the area at their own pace while getting fit and having fun will find that cycling is a great way to get around. There are lots of impressive cycle routes to choose from in Majorca and renting a bicycle is relatively easy. here are some things to think about if you are planning to go cycling in Majorca.

When to Try Cycling in Majorca
The winters in Majorca tend to be rather mild and this is a great time of year to try cycling. One of the best things about choosing to go cycling in the winter is that the roads as well as hotels and restaurants tend to be less crowded and visitors should be able to score some great deals as they explore using peddle power.

Choosing the Right Route
There are lots of different cycling routes in and around Majorca to suit all styles and fitness levels. It is worth doing a little research in advance to make sure you know exactly what you are getting into with these cycle routes and will be able to go the distance. Even experienced cyclists would probably do well to start off on gentler routes and work their way up to the more challenging cycles when they have got a feel for cycling in this part of the world.

The Best Cycling Routes
The cycling routes that you choose will depend on the type of cyclist you are, the length of the cycling trips you prefer and your general stamina. Some of the most popular cycling routes in this part of Spain include the route that runs from La Victoria to Alcudia, the enchanting Bahia de Pollensa cycling route the main route that runs along the coast from Porto Cristo to Cala Millor.

Staying Safe
It is important to take along plenty of water, as cycling in Majorca can be rather hot work, even in the winter. Consider wearing a brimmed hat in the summer months as well as plenty of sunscreen so that you don’t even up feeling the burn too much. Remember that people drive on the right hand side in Majorca and the rest of Spain and consider taking along a map or a Smartphone with a map app on it to help guide the way.

5 Reasons To See Majorca By Road

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Take the car and explore Majorca’s hidden gems

Hiring a car and going on a road trip is an exciting way to see the nooks and crannies of somewhere new. Take a road trip around Majorca and take in incredible views, artisan markets and quaint villages with traditional restaurants.

Spend time exploring Majorca by car and you can:

1. Shop at a street market. Manacor is on the east side of Majorca and is the second largest town on the island. It is well-known for pearls and there are factories where visitors can go on a tour and see the production of pearl jewellery from start to finish. Along the streets of Manacor, two weekly markets are held – a local food market is open every Monday and an artisan market takes place each Saturday.

2. Sit by an underground lake. Head towards the town of Porto Cristo and you will find Coves Del Drach, some of the most incredible caves in Europe. The lit walkways take you past stalactites and stalagmites and onto a lake where they play peaceful music in a unique atmosphere.

3. Witness breath taking views. A drive along the coast from Palma to Deia reveals dazzling vistas across the Mediterranean Sea and the rolling countryside. The road gets a little hairy in some places, but the rewards are worth it. Stop a while at Valldemossa which has a church with a spire and terraced hillsides. Continue further along the coastline and you will reach the tiny village of Deia which is a favourite spot for A-list movie stars who want to get away from it all. As you wander the twisting backstreets look out for famous faces hidden behind large-framed sunglasses.

4. Tuck into to something different. Stop at cafes, restaurants and bars which offer traditional Spanish dishes and local wine. There a many places to stop along the roadside where you will get to try something new. Choose a place to eat with wide views in the countryside or fresh seafood next to the Mediterranean.

5. Explore the Tramuntana Mountain range. Enjoy cooler air by car by driving the M10 through Lluc and onto the Bay of Alcudia. Along the way you can spot sheep, goats, almond trees and olive groves. This area is a favourite with hikers, so if you can park up, get out to take in the fresh mountain air.

Majorca’s Top 5 Indoor Attractions

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night life in Majorca

When it comes to finding indoor activities on your holiday, Mallorca will not disappoint as it’s riddled with many adult and kid-friendly attractions. From culture to sports, there is something to suit everyone. For some holiday inspiration, check out our selection of top 5 indoor attractions in Mallorca.

Nassau Beach Club
This indoor restaurant and club is world class and highly sophisticated. There is an outdoor terrace too, where you can enjoy the scenic views across the beach. Nassau Beach thrives on an urban setting, with a stylish and quality venue that will please your whole family.

Indoor concerts
Listen to great music on the hot summer evenings at the indoor convert venues. The annual Deia International Music Festival is held every summer, with a series of concerts by the talented pianist and composer David Gomez.

Dinner shows
Mallorca is home to some of the best-known professional entertainers who regularly take the stage at dinner shows. There is also a pirates adventure show for children, with the most thrilling acrobats, comedians, and gymnasts. For over 18s, there is the late-night Pirates- the Mutiny show where tickets include drinks.

Jazz clubs
You can find some of the most excellent jazz clubs on this Spanish island. The Saratoga Hotel Jazz Club offers great views of the town, especially if you stay on top floor. Listen to the finest jazz played every weekend while drinking a glass of wine on your terrace. This club is furnished with large sofas and comfortable armchairs, where friendly waitresses serve a fine selection of wines and spirits throughout the evening.

Virtual Club
Virtual Club is situated in the southwest of the island. It is a classy venue where you can soak up the sun and sip on your cocktails. This club is open all day and night, with a bistro and a unique nightclub that looks like a cave located within the building. The VIP area of this club includes parasols and large comfortable hammocks where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon snooze or a glass of champagne.

On Yer Bike: Cycling in Majorca

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Watch out for Mamils … one of Mallorca’s testing routes

Majorca is known by many as an ideal sun-drenched holiday destination and by a few as a place for intense physical training. Whilst a small trickle of tourists enjoy cycling in Majorca, during the island’s mild winters, many of the top European cycle teams descend for the start of their year-round training, favouring the range of terrain available, the bright and picturesque light and the pleasant winter conditions.

However, no Olympic medal is required to enjoy Majorca’s famous landscape. While the professionals arrive in January or February, the more popular time to arrive is in the spring. During March and April, the roads of Majorca see more cyclists than cars. This early spring is a great time to visit Majorca for a cycle holiday as the summer sun has not yet found the island, and neither have the package holiday makers.

The island boasts a number of fantastic base towns for cyclists depending on experience. Used to hard treks through the mountains and peaks? Then head to the North-West of the island to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, choosing a hotel in nearby Soller or Inca with a specialized bike service for guests. Hoping for something a little more relaxed? Then look further south near the coast where the tracks are flatter.

Despite the island having a fantastic climate for outside activities, a few precautions are necessary when planning a holiday cycling in Majorca. The high temperatures in summer mean adequate water and heat protection is necessary, especially in the higher elevations as burning is a danger. As snow only occurs a couple of days a year near the tops of the mountain ranges, the risk is small but again adequate precaution is a necessity.

Majorca has made vast improvements in facilities for cyclists. Some hotels offer a combination service, partnering with cycle firms to provide the best experience, whilst others offer bike storage services for those who wish to bring their own. The variety and range of bicycle shops, the well-maintained tracks and detailed local advice mean that Majorca is not just the favoured destination for the professional cyclist, but also increasingly the amateur.

Take a hike! The most breathtaking places for a hike in Majorca.

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There’s More to Majorca Than You Think
Majorca is widely perceived in the UK as a family holiday spot or a party destination, but once you get outside of the built-up resorts, you’ll be amazed by dramatic cliffs, deserted coves, and the lovely Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the “Cultural Landscape” category.

While in Majorca, make your life easy with your own set of wheels: hiring a car at Majorca Airport means you’ll have the independence to really explore the island for yourself.

Breathtaking Views
Puig de Massanella, standing proud at 1367 metres tall, is the island’s second highest peak, and it’s praised by Lonley Planet for its beautiful Alpine-style slopes and incredible panoramas.

There are many locally-based island companies who can help you find the right trek according to your levels of ability and adventure, with trails such as that of Banyalbufar ranked easy (it incorporates a wine excursion!) right up to the challenging” 3-hour climb up the slopes of Puig Galatzó.

Be Independent
If you feel more like striking out on your own, many local companies can offer lots of advice on places to hike. The walk from Camp de Mar to Sa Mola takes in delightful coastal views, a gorgeous beach, and a sunny fishing village. Following an 11km route, you can finish the day with a fresh, local seafood dinner in Port d’Andratx.

Port d'Andratx - Majorca
For something a little more strenuous, the Dry Stone Route around the western coast of Majorca is a popular 8-day trek. This 135km hike through the mountains includes hostels en route for tired walkers, and starts at Port d’Andratx, finishing at Pollenca.

Adventure lovers can also enjoy kayaking, caving, rock climbing, scuba diving, canyoning, and mountain biking on Majorca- it’s a perfect place for outdoor types, with a pleasing subtropical climate and lush green vegetation. While mountain treks are better avoided in the hotter months, hikers will find the off-season to be a more favourable time of year: accommodation is cheaper, the weather is cooler, and the summer crowds are nowhere to be seen. Perfect.

A Spectacular Majorca Drive – The West Coast

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Majorca Drive

Here, we review exploring the west coast of the Balearic island of Majorca, taking in as much of the gorgeous scenery as possible, complemented by the beautiful seascapes of the shimmering Mediterranean. This Majorca drive will take your breath away.

Setting off from the capital of Palma, head towards Andratx in the southwest. From here, the coast road Ma-10 runs to Soller, about halfway up the coast, before continuing via Calobra through to Pollenca – some 110 kilometres in total. From here, the main road runs back to Palma – or if you prefer, opt for the extra 20 kilometres to Formentor, the most northerly point. Conversely, if you would prefer a less whistle stop tour, the shorter and very popular triangular route from Andratx as far as Soller is very popular.

In detail, the road from Andratx to Soller is 40 miles or 64 kilometres; it’s best to allow a few hours though, as the roads wind past the terraced hillsides and through hairpin bends in places (the image above is a good example of this). You might also like to stop at one or two of the numerous viewing points, some of which are located near former guard towers, used of which used to watch for the unwelcoming sight of pirates.

Head through Estellencs with its lemon and orange groves and cafés, then continue towards Banyalbufar with a church built in the fifteenth century, along with a winery. Valledemossa is very attractive and popular for excursions. Further north, the road runs along the cliff before reaching Son Marroic and impressive views to Deia, with ochre houses and the road to Soller with mansions, galleries and restaurants – a perfect stop.

There are fantastic views of the Tremonton Mountains (named after the prevailing wind) and villages with picturesque beige stone houses. After Sa Calobra, the road veers inland through Pollenca before returning to the cliffs and Cala Formentor with its lighthouse and sandy beaches. The highest point is 384 metres above sea level, providing impressive views over the bay to the southeast with Alcudia, C’An Picafort and the peaks of Arta in the distance. The pine and palm-strewn hillsides lead down to the crystal-clear sea and popular beach.

Enjoy exploring Majorca! Head on over to our quote page to start your amazing Majorca drive today!

Why Majorcan Road Trips Are Simply a Delight

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Majorcan Road

The Spanish island of Majorca is famous for its year round sunshine, stunning sandy beaches and rich culture. Following a long Majorcan road that winds its way along the island’s coastline is an enchanting experience that should not be missed. Motorists will be able to travel at their own pace and pause whenever they choose to soak up the scenery and spend a little time on the beach.

The coastal city of Palma is a great place to start a road trip around Majorca. After taking a little time to appreciate this magnificent city, motorists can head west on the C-719, which will take them past some of Majorca’s most striking scenery. After passing the Sierra de Tramontana and Palma Nova, motorists can pause for lunch at the traditional fishing village of Santa Ponça, which is blessed with an enchanting harbour and an impressive fortified Gothic tower.

After lunch, follow the road as it winds past a number of gorgeous sandy coves and traditional towns such as Paguera and Camp de Mar. The road twists round a series of curves to reach Port D’Andratx, offering stunning ocean views set against a pine backdrop. It is worth taking the time to explore the town of Andratx, as this is one of the most picturesque towns on the whole of Majorca with its Son Mas mansion and Gothic parish church.

Follow the C-710 N as it winds along Majorca’s north-western coast. A lot of the road here is shaded by pine trees on one side with a dramatic cliff drop to the ocean on the other side. In order to fully appreciate the beauty of this road, motorists will want to pause at various lookout points scattered along the road. The Mirador Ricardo Roca is a particularly good place to pause, as it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the coves, which can only be accessed from the sea.

This dramatic road continues along the coast to the town of Estallenchs, which features several steep slopes that are covered by pine groves as well as fruit orchards, almond and olive trees. This is the perfect place to pause to wander through the hills and sample some of the area’s fresh local produce.

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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in The Sun

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Car cool in the sun

Driving on warmer days can be an exhausting experience, with the heat of the sun in the enclosed space of a vehicle contributing to an unpleasant journey. However there are ways to keep cooler.
These top tips should keep you and your car cool in the sun.

Shaded Parking
This is an obvious start to keeping cool, as cars parked in direct sunlight can heat up to an unbearable level. Parking in a garage is the best option to keep out of sunlight, but those with only on-street parking should try to find a spot that affords their vehicle some shade. This helps to keep the interior cooler before a journey begins.

Window Tinting/Sun Shade
The tinted coatings available for car windows can either absorb or reflect the rays of the sun to keep them out of the interior. This can make it a good investment for those that live in hotter climates. An alternative to this for side windows is sun shades that attach to the glass. These block sunlight to provide shade for driver and passengers.

Cloth Interiors
While many people prefer the look of leather seats, this material tends to absorb and hold heat in a car. Opting for cloth-covered seats is therefore a smarter choice when buying a vehicle, as it can be more comfortable and cooler to sit on these during hot weather.

Bottom Vents
Open the foot-level vents only at the start of a journey to blast cooler air into the bottom area of a car. Hot air rises, so the cooler air should push it higher to get it out of the windows. This should reduce the interior temperature quicker and the top vents can then be opened.

Damp Rags
Placing a damp rag over a vent will reduce the temperature of the air blowing through it. They tend to dry out quickly, so have some water and a few cloths available to make it easy to keep changing. A passenger can easily do this during a journey.

A cooler car makes for a more comfortable journey, so take advantage of one or more of the ideas above to reduce the interior temperature in a vehicle.

The Unforgettable Cap De Formentor Road Trip

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Cap de formentor

Known by the locals as the ‘meeting point of the winds’, Cap De Formentor is the northernmost point on the island of Majorca. It is located at the tip of the Formentor peninsula, a rugged finger of land that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea.

To get to Cap De Formentor by car, take the PM-221 from Port de Pollença. The narrow 13.5 km road winds its way along the dramatic landscape, taking in tunnels, picturesque views and lookout points.

At the end of the road you will find the magnificent Formentor lighthouse, which was built in the 1860s, and the spectacular sight of the sea crashing against the cliffs 300 metres below.

A drive to Cap De Formentor is a journey you will remember and is a great way to explore some of the scenic beauty of Majorca.

Essential Reading – New Road Laws in Majorca

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New Road Laws in Majorca

New road laws came into effect on May 9 this year and they mean that anyone driving or cycling in Mallorca has to polish up their act. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the new laws.

Exceeding the speed limit by just 1kmph can result in a fine. The motorway speed limit has increased from 120kmph to 130kmph, but in towns it’s down from 30kmph to 20kmph. Speed camera detectors are now illegal.

Child car seats are compulsory and the Guardia Civil can impound any vehicle found carrying children without them. There are also new guidelines about how children of different ages can be seated.

Drink drivers are subject to a minimum fine of 1,000 Euros if found to be twice over the blood alcohol limit.

Cyclists under the age of 16 must wear helmets and car driers are more responsible for the safety of all cyclists.

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