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Take Your Car out for a Scenic Spin – Andratx to Sóller

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Andratx to Sóller

The north-west coastline of Majorca offers a host of beautiful sights for visitors and some of the best can be seen while driving from Andratx to Sóller. This route passes along the MA-10 highway for a distance of only around 40 miles, but it is worthwhile planning to spend the whole day exploring.

The drive out of Andratx climbs through a beautiful pine forest and offers glimpses of the Mediterranean. It is possible to stop at look-out points along the way for better views out over the sea and this includes the 16th century watchtower at Torre del Verger. There are also plenty of picturesque villages to stop at and try some of the local delicacies, with some of the best being Estellencs, Valledemossa, and Deia. Leave some daylight hours to explore Sóller at the end of the drive and enjoy its scenic citrus groves, historic buildings, and pavement cafes.

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Majorcan Road Regulations

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Majorcan Road Regulations

As part of Spain, Majorcan road regulations follows the same road and driving regulations as the mainland. It’s essential to familiarise yourself with them before driving.

The most important factor to remember is that you drive on the right! It’s easy to forget if you pull out onto an empty road, so be careful! Speed limits are 50 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on single carriageway roads, 100 km/h on dual carriageways and 120 km/h on motorways and there are plenty of speed cameras to enforce the limits.

When driving from a minor road to a major one, give priority to traffic on the major road. You must give way to vehicles approaching from the right and when entering a roundabout, give way to any vehicles already on it.

It should go without saying, but don’t drink and drive. It’s dangerous and the police take it very seriously.

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