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Top 10 Spanish Foods to try

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Each region offers unique cuisine that is worth exploring. Learning is a continuous process, so if you would like to advance your culinary skills, it is advisable to borrow from different communities. The Spanish communities have some of the best recipes that you can learn from to improve your culinary skills. Below are ten Spanish foods you can easily learn how to prepare with simple ingredients.












1. Pulpo a la Gallega
Also referred to as the Galician octopus, Pulpo a la Gallega is a signature dish in the Spanish culture that dates back to 125 years during a time when Spain had many cattle fairs. The food is made from steaming octopus meat and is cooked with olive oil mixed with paprika. The Pulpo a la Gallega is a typical dish and is among top dishes that the Spanish people identify with, not forgetting it holds historical significance.

2. Gazpacho
The Gazpacho is a famous soup prepared in various colours. Traditionally, the soup was prepared during the summer season and has since become a great delicacy especially among visitors, who find it refreshing and delicious. The soup is prepared using tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil, stale bread, garlic pepper, onion and salt. All the ingredients are mixed together and fried in moderate fire before preparing the thick delicious soup.

3. Croquettes
Almost every restaurant in Spain offers Croquettes. The Croquettes are made unique and the taste depends on the specifications of individual hotel, so you will find them different from one hotel to another. Generally, the food is tasty and there are not many variations from one restaurant to another because they share the main ingredients.

4. Jamon
You can also enjoy some pieces of Jamon from any bar in Spain. The Spanish jamon is prepared using traditional techniques and the ham is labelled depending on the breed of the pig it was sourced from. The ham is dried and cured then prepared to offer tasty pieces.

5. Spanish ratatouille
Vegetarians will also have something to pick from the Spanish people. The Spanish ratatouille is made from tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and eggs. The flavour availed by this delicious combinations are unique and something you can try at home if you have the ingredients.

6. Bean stew
Spain is home to different beans and legumes species. Different regions produce different kinds of beans, so you can have a taste of what each place you visit has to offer. The beans varieties available in Spain are unique and the preparation is also perfectly executed.

7. Paella
The rice based dish is recognized internationally and is available in many variations that are worth exploring. The traditional version of Paella is prepared from a mixture of chicken or rabbit meat – sometimes both – greens beans and some vegetables.

8. Fried milk
This is not a common dish, but you may easily find it in major restaurants. It’s one of the unique dishes that will make you like everything about the Spanish people.

9. Robo de Toro
This is an Andalusian stew that originated in the 16th century Cordoba. It is made from bull/ox tail and other sophisticated ingredients to make it delicious.

10. Arroz Negro
This is one of the best prepared rice dishes in Spain. Most visitors would barely notice any of the ingredients used and this explains the reason it is among top choices among those who have been to Spain before.

Top 5 places to visit in Majorca this Spring

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Majorca is a great place for a Holiday, with excursions and activities to suit everyone, it’s sure to be a popular hit with all the family. Here are are Top 5 for this Spring!


This is a gorgeous little town, just 17 miles from Palma. The art deco houses and classy craft shops make it a magnet for tourists and shoppers, but to really appreciate Sóller, you must take the antique wooden train from the Eusebio Estada station in Palma. Following a winding route through tunnels, pine forests, and orange groves, it takes you to the heart of Sóller, and after a stroll through the town, take the tram to the beach for a perfect day out.


The very best time to visit the island of Cabrera is Spring – only then can you see the carpets of spring flowers that tumble down the hills. Cabrera is part of a string of islands and it is a designated National Park thanks to the vast numbers of animals and plant species. Boat trips to the island depart from Colonia de Sant Jordi, and Porto Petro harbour at 9.30am.

La Seu

La Seu is Majorca’s magnificent Cathedral overlooking Palma bay in the centre of the island’s capital. Take the time to walk around the exterior on the seaward side for the most impressive exterior view, then enter and bask in the glory of the stained glass window at the nave.

La Seu Cahtedral Majorca

Lluc Sanctuary

The Santuari de Lluc (or Monestir de Nostra Senyora de Lluc) is Majorca’s oldest Holy site. Set in the North of the Island, it is a both beautiful and tranquil site. Since the statue of the Madonna La Moreneta was found there 800 years ago, it has become a popular place of pilgrimage. The statue can now be found in the Basilica, and choirboys sing the Salve every morning and evening. The museum is also well worth a visit. This is great place for cyclists and hikers, as it is part of the the very scenic mountain trails.

The Formentor Peninsula
The drive to the famous Cap de Formentar is famous for being an experience in itself, as the challenging bends and dramatic scenery make for a wonderful day out. The drive culminates in the lighthouse surrounded by craggy rocks. The view is amazing from here, and on a clear day you can see the neighbouring Island, Menorca.

Get Wet and Wild at a Majorca Aqua Park!

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Majorca Aqua Park

When you’re on holiday, is anything more fun than riding a rubber ring down the slides or jumping through the waves in the pool? I think not. So, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting one of the fantastic Majorca Aqua Parks during your visit.

There’s plenty of family-fun to be had. Get wet and wild on the various slides, from the thrilling Kamikaze to the dark and scary tubes. Or, bask in the sun while the fun music plays and the kids play by the waterfall mushrooms. Some Majorca Aqua Parks even host more water-fun with exhibitions and events taking place throughout the day.

Aquaparks are a great way to cool down while having loads of fun. Just make sure you pack your swimsuit!

If this sounds right up your street, get booking and choose us as your car hire providers.

Majorca Holidays – Winter Wonderland

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The Spanish island of Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea.  In summer, crowds of tourists are attracted to the beautiful capital of Palma, as well as the numerous resorts and beaches that cover the island.  But Majorca holidays becomes even more enticing in the winter, as the climate is refreshingly mild and the summer crowds have disappeared, leaving a paradise for savvy travellers to discover.

winter holidays in majorca
In winter, daytime temperatures average between fifteen and twenty degrees Celsius.  This makes it the perfect time to embark on an outdoor adventure, and Majorca contains some of the most beautiful scenery on the Mediterranean.  The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range that has been designated a World Heritage Site, and it makes for some magnificent hiking.  There are also numerous cycling trails, and cyclists from mainland Europe sometimes come here to train during the winter, to avoid the cold of their home countries.
The inland expanses of Majorca contain many small villages that see little of the tourist activity of the coast, but they are often charming destinations in their own right.  After a long day hiking or cycling, you can find a bed and breakfast in the closest village and relax.  The inland of Majorca is also a wine-producing region, and you can work a tour of a vineyard or a wine-tasting into your agenda.
The capital city of Palma shouldn’t be neglected just because the summer has come and gone.  Palma is beautiful at any time of year, and many people might find it even more pleasant without the crowds of tourists.  The Old City of Palma contains architecture that can be compared to that of Florence, and the Arab Baths are a reminder of the city’s Moorish past.  After a day of exploring the picturesque streets, you can unwind on the terrace of one of the city’s many cafes or bars.  These terraces are invariably heated, and you will be toasty and warm even if the night is slightly chilly.
Many people don’t think of Majorca as a winter destination, but as long as you make sure to pack a jacket for the evenings, you will find that this captivating island is the perfect spot to escape the wintertime blues.  Majorca is only a short flight from mainland Europe, but it will seem like an exotic paradise to someone coming from a northern city in the UK or any other country.

Farmhouse stay in Mallorca

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If you’re looking for a nearby holiday destination that promises great weather and stunning scenery, but don’t fancy the usual tourist traps with their charmless hotels, rowdy bars and packed beaches, why not think about renting a farmhouse in Mallorca?

A farmhouse holiday gives you complete control over what you see and do on the island and allows you to experience the real Mallorca. You can explore the picturesque little towns away from the built-up areas, browse the local markets for the freshest foods and even discover hidden coves where you can have an entire beach to yourself.

Beautiful properties are available all over Mallorca, often sleeping up to 12 people. Most have swimming pools, internet access and great kitchen facilities. Mixing modern conveniences with traditional charm, why not stay in a Mallorcan farmhouse during your next holiday?

Mallorca opens world’s first Twitter themed hotel!

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It’s official! Twitter really is taking over the world. Or, at least it has started its arduous domination of planet Earth by invading a hotel in Mallorca. The Sol Wave House hotel has now become the world’s first ‘Twitter-themed’ hotel. It probably goes without saying that if you can’t stand #hashtags, this hotel probably isn’t for you! For those tweeting guests who do venture into this relatively unknown experience, being greeted by a specially created Twitter concierge service is just the start. Things really kick off when the hotel’s expansive WiFi coverage opens up its virtual community – #SocialWave. This gives its guests a fully immersive social experience. Not only does this provide guest interaction but also gives the hotel a fantastic opportunity to immediately update its guests on the latest offers, events and news. With social media taking the world by storm, this hotel could be onto something!

A Review of Golf Fantasia

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 Majorca is a sumptuous island, part of the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. In the beautiful beach resort town of Palma Nova in Majorca, one of the best places to spend the afternoon or evening is Golf Fantasia. Near the waterfront, Golf Fantasia is the ultimate miniature golf paradise.

Features of Golf Fantasia

In the setting of a lush garden in the tropics, this park offers 3 complete 18 hole mini golf courses. Palms and other verdant trees and shrubs, grassy plots and sculptured landscaping are a part of this fun place. Beside the pathways are lagoons with turtles in them. Charming little bridges cross the water between holes. The bar at the “19th hole” offers food snacks and treats and beverages. In the gardens, gurgling waterfalls are refreshing. Guests should bring their cameras for fantastic scenic shots of friends, family and this waterfront garden golfing experience.

The Site’s Positives

– A simple game with enough challenge for fun, Golf Fantasia is the place to laugh and play together.
– Guests are often repeat visitors.
– Putting on these mini golf courses is an excellent activity for a Majorca stay.
– The plants, birds, ducks and waterfalls are so pretty to see.
– People of all ages can play this putting game.
– The park is open late.

The Park’s Downside

– The afternoon sunshine and temperatures can be scorching as people play the holes one by one. This one downside point is easily remedied by drinking cold drinks and playing earlier or later in the day.

The Putting Experience

The shady greenery and the fun of the game makes this garden park a very pleasant spot for putting. The holes are not only attractive but challenging and creative. One of the courses gets more sun than the other two, so that one is recommended when the heat of the day is not intense.

To do all 54 holes takes approximately 4 to 6 hours of fun. Afternoons are nice with the breeze coming in from the beach. Evenings are great as well when the mini golf park is lit with strategically placed lighting in soft glowing colors. Pathways and holes are well lit. Mini golf is a game that young and old can enjoy, and Golf Fantasia is perfectly suited for families and friends to play together.

Sheraton Mallorca Golf Resort

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Mallorca Spain is located on a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea, far from the cares and worries of everyday life.
You can go to the north side of the island and peacefully stroll along the pristine white sandy beaches.
Or go just a few kilometers into the capital of Palma, and take a scenic hop on hop off bus tour, which allows you to spend the time that you desire at each location. There is 550 kilometers of coastline to explore.
Also a must see item for all is the La Seu Cathedral, which is an architectural wonder. There any many architectural phases to be viewed including relics from Israel, Muslim and Roman times. Once you have completed your history lessons, you can enjoy more fun in the sun.
Mallorca offers a mild, if not balmy climate conducive to year around sporting activities as well. One recommended resort to stay at in the area is the Sheraton Mallorca Golf Resort, which offers fine dining and an atmosphere that fits a holiday fit for the entire family.

Quita Penas Restaurant

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On May 13, 2012, visitors and locals in Valldemossa received a rare treat with the opening of Quita Penas, which can be translated forget your worries. The new restaurant operated by a very energetic young couple is hard to find tucked away behind the church of San Bartolome is well-worth finding if you love Spanish food.
The restaurant features wonderful tapas with locally sourced products. Among the favorite tapas are sheepskin cheese with oregano and manacor cheese with olive tapenade and sun dried tomatoes. Many visitors also love the wonderful sobrasada tapa made with figs and honey.
In addition to the wonderful food, this restaurant offers a wide assortment of wonderful wines. Try wines produced from locally grown tempranillo, garnacha, monastrell and mencía grapes. The restaurant is sure to have your favorite or ask the connoisseur for an outstanding recommendation. Also make sure to browse the magnificent collection of handmade clothes and jewelry made by local artisans.

Marineland Majorca

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Marineland is one of the worlds most respected and highly decorated aquatic entertainment and coservation parks. Located on the seafront on Majorca’s Costa d’en Blanes coastal area the park provides family entertainment which helps to fund its marine life preservation and research work.Marineland opens to the public each year from the end of February through to the end of November; the bottlenose dolphin shows conducted by Marineland’s trainers are some of the most popular amongst children and family’s. The dophinarium is the oldest in Spain after opening in 1970; visitors to the park are given the opportunity to meet the dolphins and learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Majorca’s Marineland also conducts daily shows for the public showing the skills of the Sea Lion’s that are popular amongst visitors to the park. Exotic bird shows are also available to the public that are designed to entertain and educate the public on the lives of exotic birds. The park also has a large number of shark and penguins and conducts conservation programs to save endangered animals, such as the sea mammal the ferreret that is bred in captivity and later released into the wild.