Arabic Baths – An Amazing Historical Discovery

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Arabic Baths


For three hundred years, from the 7th to the 10th century, Mallorca was occupied by the Moors. The Arabic baths, in the gardens of Can Fontirroig, are the only remains of the city of Medina Mayurqa and one of the island’s few surviving examples of Muslim architecture.

The most striking feature of the arabic baths are the domes, or cupolas. The twelve columns supporting the dome are of different construction and materials, and were probably reused Roman remains. The dome covered the caldarium, or steam room, and has six holes to allow steam to escape. Next door is the tepidarium, or warm room, where the bathers would have gathered before entering the caldarium. Unfortunately nothing remains of the frigidarium, where they would have finished their bathe with a plunge into cool water.

The surrounding gardens are a delight to explore, and the ruins are open all year round with an entry fee of 2 Euros.

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