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Guide to Sailing in Majorca

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Mallorca is a beautiful place to go sailing at almost any time of year. Benefiting from the warm climate of the Balearic Islands, which also provides superb sailing winds, Mallorca possesses dramatic coastlines, secluded coves and excellent harbour facilities for sailors.While the ideal time to sail around Mallorca is May to October, when the warm summer sun and light breezes offer prefect conditions. This does, however, mean that the seas can be crowded at this time of year. Those visitors who prefer a less populated ocean may well prefer to visit during the winter or spring. The weather is still good for sailing during the winter months, and the Mediterranean region remains relatively warm, though it is necessary to take more notice of weather conditions and react accordingly at this time of year.

Many of the island’s bays and coves are well protected from harsher weather, providing an excellent environment for new sailors to learn in, and practice their skills. Due to the island’s geography, and the direction of prevailing winds, dangerous swells are rarely experienced by sailors who keep in relatively close to the shoreline.

Mallorca has 544km shoreline to explore, and there are many fine bays and harbours in which to anchor. Porto Cristo provides sailors with a very large marina and an easy anchorage in a sandy seafloor. The water is beautifully clear and perfect for swimming. If a visitor wants to spend some time soaking up the sun on a sandy beach while ashore, then anchoring at Colonia Sant Jordi is a good idea. Here, amidst the calm waters of the south east corner of the island, are located some of Mallorca’s finest beaches, in the shape of Ets Estanys, Es Trenc, Es Dolc and Es Carbo.

Of course, people do not just go on holiday for the sailing, and Port d’Andratx, on the island’s south western corner, has some fine bars and restaurants overlooking its marina. Just up the coast from there is the resort of Sant Elm, which, as well as its nightlife, is a gateway to the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera.

Overall, Mallorca is a superb choice of destination for the seasoned or novice sailor. Its gentle climate, beautiful coastline and excellent waters, as well as its onshore hospitality, make it one of the jewels of the Balearics.

Grab a rope – Sailing in Majorca

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sailing in Majorca

Majorca is without a doubt one of the most stunning locations within Spain. As this island is a refuge for countless thousands of tourists each and every year, it should be no surprise that there are a wide range of activities to enjoy. In particular, sailing is a popular pastime that offers anyone a truly pristine view of cerulean blue waters punctuated by a majestic coastline. So, what features enable sailing in Majorca to be such a frequent choice when on holiday?

Favourable Winds
A key variable to consider is that due to the position of Majorca within the Mediterranean Sea, the winds are generally calm during most of the year. The islands will actually block much of the inclement weather that can be found on the open ocean while reliable thermal winds provide adequate momentum throughout the day. Of course, the winter months can be a bit more unpredictable. Even so, Majorca is thought to be one of the best locations for those who are learning to sail.

Numerous Harbours
The natural geography of Majorca provides a host of excellent coves and bays to take shelter if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst. While excellent to afford a certain amount of protection, these formations are just as perfect if one wishes to drop anchor and spend a tranquil day relaxing underneath the inviting equatorial sun.

Countless Services
Due to the maritime nature of Majorca and all of the Balearic Islands, there are a host of sailing-related services to enjoy. From boat hire to sailing lessons and even chartering a private yacht for an excursion, the notion of “one size fits all” in reference to such activities is certainly relevant here. Most of these amenities are quite amenably priced.

These are a few of the reasons why Majorca is so respected within the sailing community. With a combination of calm waters, an inviting climate and numerous sailing services, both novices and professionals alike will make their way to this tropical paradise every year. When one is searching for an unforgettable experience upon the open water, Majorca is indeed an excellent choice.