Top 10 Spanish Foods to try

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Each region offers unique cuisine that is worth exploring. Learning is a continuous process, so if you would like to advance your culinary skills, it is advisable to borrow from different communities. The Spanish communities have some of the best recipes that you can learn from to improve your culinary skills. Below are ten Spanish foods you can easily learn how to prepare with simple ingredients.












1. Pulpo a la Gallega
Also referred to as the Galician octopus, Pulpo a la Gallega is a signature dish in the Spanish culture that dates back to 125 years during a time when Spain had many cattle fairs. The food is made from steaming octopus meat and is cooked with olive oil mixed with paprika. The Pulpo a la Gallega is a typical dish and is among top dishes that the Spanish people identify with, not forgetting it holds historical significance.

2. Gazpacho
The Gazpacho is a famous soup prepared in various colours. Traditionally, the soup was prepared during the summer season and has since become a great delicacy especially among visitors, who find it refreshing and delicious. The soup is prepared using tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil, stale bread, garlic pepper, onion and salt. All the ingredients are mixed together and fried in moderate fire before preparing the thick delicious soup.

3. Croquettes
Almost every restaurant in Spain offers Croquettes. The Croquettes are made unique and the taste depends on the specifications of individual hotel, so you will find them different from one hotel to another. Generally, the food is tasty and there are not many variations from one restaurant to another because they share the main ingredients.

4. Jamon
You can also enjoy some pieces of Jamon from any bar in Spain. The Spanish jamon is prepared using traditional techniques and the ham is labelled depending on the breed of the pig it was sourced from. The ham is dried and cured then prepared to offer tasty pieces.

5. Spanish ratatouille
Vegetarians will also have something to pick from the Spanish people. The Spanish ratatouille is made from tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and eggs. The flavour availed by this delicious combinations are unique and something you can try at home if you have the ingredients.

6. Bean stew
Spain is home to different beans and legumes species. Different regions produce different kinds of beans, so you can have a taste of what each place you visit has to offer. The beans varieties available in Spain are unique and the preparation is also perfectly executed.

7. Paella
The rice based dish is recognized internationally and is available in many variations that are worth exploring. The traditional version of Paella is prepared from a mixture of chicken or rabbit meat – sometimes both – greens beans and some vegetables.

8. Fried milk
This is not a common dish, but you may easily find it in major restaurants. It’s one of the unique dishes that will make you like everything about the Spanish people.

9. Robo de Toro
This is an Andalusian stew that originated in the 16th century Cordoba. It is made from bull/ox tail and other sophisticated ingredients to make it delicious.

10. Arroz Negro
This is one of the best prepared rice dishes in Spain. Most visitors would barely notice any of the ingredients used and this explains the reason it is among top choices among those who have been to Spain before.

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