Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in The Sun

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Car cool in the sun

Driving on warmer days can be an exhausting experience, with the heat of the sun in the enclosed space of a vehicle contributing to an unpleasant journey. However there are ways to keep cooler.
These top tips should keep you and your car cool in the sun.

Shaded Parking
This is an obvious start to keeping cool, as cars parked in direct sunlight can heat up to an unbearable level. Parking in a garage is the best option to keep out of sunlight, but those with only on-street parking should try to find a spot that affords their vehicle some shade. This helps to keep the interior cooler before a journey begins.

Window Tinting/Sun Shade
The tinted coatings available for car windows can either absorb or reflect the rays of the sun to keep them out of the interior. This can make it a good investment for those that live in hotter climates. An alternative to this for side windows is sun shades that attach to the glass. These block sunlight to provide shade for driver and passengers.

Cloth Interiors
While many people prefer the look of leather seats, this material tends to absorb and hold heat in a car. Opting for cloth-covered seats is therefore a smarter choice when buying a vehicle, as it can be more comfortable and cooler to sit on these during hot weather.

Bottom Vents
Open the foot-level vents only at the start of a journey to blast cooler air into the bottom area of a car. Hot air rises, so the cooler air should push it higher to get it out of the windows. This should reduce the interior temperature quicker and the top vents can then be opened.

Damp Rags
Placing a damp rag over a vent will reduce the temperature of the air blowing through it. They tend to dry out quickly, so have some water and a few cloths available to make it easy to keep changing. A passenger can easily do this during a journey.

A cooler car makes for a more comfortable journey, so take advantage of one or more of the ideas above to reduce the interior temperature in a vehicle.

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