Majorcan Food – The Long Standing Traditions of Majorcan Dining

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Majorcan Food


Traditional Majorcan food is based around the local produce with an emphasis on vegetables, fish and pork. Popular main courses include Fiduea which is the Majorcan version of paella and which is made with noodles instead of rice. Pork is cooked in many different ways and for llom amb col the pork is covered with raisins and pine nuts and wrapped in cabbage before being cooked.

Majorcan food also includes interesting desserts, which tend to be quite light dishes. These include crème caramel or gato de almendras which is an almond cake that is traditionally served with ice cream made from toasted almonds. Ensaimadas are another popular desert choice and are also often served for breakfast. They are pastries made in a spiral shape which are dusted with sugar and which can be filled with a variety of fillings such as jam or even sausage depending on when you are eating them.

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