A Truly Breathtaking Experience – Snorkelling in Majorca

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Sunset snorkling in Dubai

Going snorkelling can be a fun and unforgettable experience, and there are a good number of excellent spots for this in Majorca. This part of the world benefits from crystal-clear warm water. The marine life is not only abundant and fascinating, but these snorkelling sites tend to be free of any dangerous species.

Good Reasons to Go Snorkelling in Majorca

• It is one of the cheapest beach activities
• You don’t need to have any expensive equipment to enjoy some underwater delights
• Snorkelling tours can be a great way to explore Majorca
• It is something that families with children can enjoy together
• Unlike scuba diving, you don’t really need training to be able to snorkel – although you do need to be able to swim
• There is the possibility to explore underwater caves and see amazing things that you will never forget

Where to Go Snorkelling in Majorca?

Javea Arenal is one of the most popular beaches in Majorca, and it can also be a good choice if you want to go snorkelling. The water here is clean and shallow, and there is good visibility almost all year round. It’s possible to go snorkelling from almost any part of the beach, but there are a couple of bays (Portitxol and Tango) that are particularly good.

Cala Varques is an unspoilt beach that is usually free of crowds because it is more difficult to get to than the other beaches – you can either come by boat or via a twenty minute hike. The effort it takes to get here is well worth it because the water conditions for snorkelling are excellent. There can also be marine life here that you might not get to see at the busier beaches.

Puerto Pollensa can be the right option for children or those who are new to snorkelling. There are a number of places you can hire snorkelling equipment here, and there are also businesses offering snorkelling tours.

How to Get the Most out of Snorkelling in Majorca

• Don’t use cheap snorkelling equipment because it is going to be uncomfortable to wear and infective to use
• Make sure you stick to areas where it is known to be safe to snorkel
• Avoid snorkelling alone
• Make sure you apply plenty of waterproof sun protection

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