Car Hire Majorca Airport

Car Hire Majorca Airport

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Why visit Majorca?

Majorca is one of the top beach holiday destinations in Europe and is also one of the most beautiful and underrated destinations. Hiring a car will allow you to see the island at your own pace.

car hire Majorca airport

The island of Majorca also known as Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and lies off the southern coast of mainland Spain. The flight time from most UK airports is around two and half hours and there are many airlines that will take you which includes; ThomasCook, Air France, EasyJet, Ryanair and Iberia.

The Island has lots to offer and has the perfect blend of holiday ingredients from great beaches through to the rustic towns such as Alaro, and Alcudia right through to the bustling beach resort of Magaluf which is packed with bars and clubs and a haven for party animals.

The climate in Majorca offers glorious sunshine for a significant part of the year and with peak temperatures in the seventies during the months of June, July August and September. Out of season the island can become chilly with December and January being the coldest months at around fifty degrees.

Majorca and what you can expect

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The island of Majorca also known as Mallorca is laden with rich history and scenic beauty. The largest island in the Balearics, Majorca is a treat to the senses thanks to its beautiful coasts and exotic resorts. With a history and a mystique charm, the island offers traditional fiestas, musical festivals and fairs and is home to the best night and day markets. You could explore the countryside surrounding the town either in a car or on your bicycle.  The coves braid the islands like a string of pearls which has a timeless and everlasting appeal among tourists and locals alike.


Speaking of the beaches, while most have been taken by the holiday resorts there are still vast stretches particularly in the south, where you could spend a quite time together in these unexplored, virgin beaches while your senses sink into the visual pleasures of beauty and serenity around. If partying is what's on your mind, then holiday resorts are something you could opt . Most of these luxury resorts host regular sundowners and beach parties for tourists looking to revel and relax themselves. Sailing is, of course, a big thing in Mallorca. It hosts many an international regatta each year, and there are many top class marinas and yacht charter companies all around the coast.

There is more to Mallorca than the beaches and the seas. Enjoy rural retreats in the countryside as you spend time in manor houses, country estates and farmhouses and savour the taste of Mallorcan roots and heritage. The best time to visit this island is between May and October. Mallorca has many wonderful buildings and it's capital city Palma is the place to marvel at the impressive architecture, from medieval times through to Modernist creations. Palma is also home to the most varied nightlife, with top quality restaurants and a host of late night bars & clubs. The town is surrounded by medieval century walls and towers built in the 14 century and are illuminated beautifully if you happen to visit the place at night time. The restaurants are famous for specializing in Mallorcan food that includes stews, stuffed vegetables and fish dishes. The interiors are usually decorated with antique furniture. Apart from Mallorcan dishes, the town of Alcudia is also famous for Mediterranean dishes made out of fresh market produce. Sightseeing of the place can be organized with the help of the local tourist office.  The beaches of northern Mallorca are just another place to spend your day enjoying the pale blue sea. There is also a natural reserve, S'Albufera Natural Park known for its wetlands and bird watching. A water park is also located a few miles from the town that is an ideal spot for families. Among other activities worth trying out around the countryside are cycling and a game of golf.  There are a number of boutique and high-end hotels in Palma. With traditional Mallorcan décor and neoclassical furniture, these hotels have something for every budget.

The beaches
Majorca or the name Mallorca often used by many has beaches that will make for a perfect beach holiday. The name Mallorca is derived from the Latin insula major, translated as 'the large island'. However, some people think Majorca is the Catalan version for Mallorca thanks to the historical invasions by the Catalan King Jaume of Aragon in the 13th century. With white sand and the blue sea to fall in love with plus the coves along with the wild beaches covered with palm growths it is surely stuff that we only dream about. If you are looking for a beach only holiday then it's important that you work out your itinerary to ensure that you visit most of Majorca's 120 beaches. Some of the beaches that Majorca is majorly famed for include Playa de Muro, Alcudia, which is a haven for families flanked by natural parks and encompassing the wetlands. Water sports activities, bars and restaurants are all over the place to keep you engaged all through the day. If ou is looking to lie back and laze in the sun, then the Cala Torta at Arta is the beach for you with its hidden natural beaches. Another among the lesser known beaches at Majorca is the Cala Varques, Manacor which is surrounded by pine clad hills and even is home to hidden underground caves. Other beaches include Cala Llombards, Cala Deia and the Cala Millor beach which makes for a perfect exotic holidaying in the Mediterranean beaches.

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A tour around the City of Palma
If you want more than just the beaches, then a day trip to the city of Palma can work wonders for the explorer in you. Enjoy the flavour of Majorca's ancient history, culture and heritage by spending your day at the museums, churches and medieval streets. You could delve a little more into the city's culture by spending the night in a posh bar as you dance the night away to the music and relish the best liquor and food. For those of you thinking of touring around Mallorca, why not go for a cruise from the Palma port down to the Meditteranean Sea as you take a look around the string of island and the beautiful coves around it.
The city of Palma was earlier known as Palmeria and was founded by the Romans in 120BC. However, it was only in 1229 that the expansion of the city began to occur when Jaume I of Aragon captured Mallorca from the Moors and included it in his kingdom that stretched from Spain and France. The landmark building of Palma, the Gothic cathedral of Sa Seu, was founded under his rule that is easily seen as you fly over the city.

Your Night Hunts
Apart from night markets, where you can shop your heart out, there are some unusual things that you could register yourself to enjoy the nightlife at Majorca. If music is all that you live for, Mallorca, then, is truly a place to be where you can hear and witness a whole gamut of live Jazz music. What's more there are annual fests during the summer, just right to liven up your holiday mood. Spend a night at the theatres that are homes to some of the greatest dance and song performances of our times. Enjoy shows while you dine in at the grounds. A perfect way to end the day while the entertainment keeps you amused.

Some of the places you could visit during the night time are places like Son Amar, the 16th century old Manor House with modern music, classical dance shows and acrobatics and even horsemanship with dinner offering a variety of choice in the menu. And then you have the Pirates of Magalluf who will treat you to a night of fun and entertainment with acrobatics, gymnastics, song and dance jigs at regular intervals as you enjoy your food and drink at the venue. Es Foguero offers an evening of food, music, dance and international cabaret. The stages are big enough to hold a plethora of performers making Classical Flamenco dance and routines from the big Broadway shows a joy to behold. Apart from these, you could visit Cultura Club and Motown for your dose of live music with bands playing rock, blues, jazz, funk and soul for the crowd. Mojito nights and music cocktail nights are some of the biggest hits among the locals and tourists alike.

Steeped in Culture and History
Majorca is steeped in rich cultural history which means that you have a whole lot of avenues to explore from history to language to handicrafts and not to forget the famous fiestas or Majorcan festivities.
Spend a day out to explore the monasteries, castles, ruins, grand manors and the host of art galleries and museums or simply become a part of local festivals that take place the year round. Know more about the Spanish culture by getting to know the language that is mostly Catalan or Spanish.

The local dialect is Mallorqui while Palencia and Alicante also speak Catalan dialects called Valenciano and Alicantino. It is important that you know at least a bit of Catalan to help you navigate around Majorca in a better way.

Every region in Mallorca is distinct and has a culture and history of its own. The north-east of Majorca is known for its history while the east and north and south are known for their beaches and stunning mountain views respectively. To begin exploring Majorca you can start a drive through Es Plasa with its almond plantations and old market towns. You could then either choose to look around Palma or settle for a luxury retreat towards the coast or in the countryside. Mallorca or Majorca is really a heaven on earth. Be it mountains or the deep seas, the historical buildings and the cosmopolitan feel of its nightlife. So whether you would like to enjoy the sun or explore the history and culture of the place, Mallorca will provide you with a wholesome holiday experience that will remain memorable for a lifetime.

If it's Spain, its all about fiestas the year round. Apart from the regular New Year and Christmas celebrations, in January, Majorca and Spain celebrates the visit of the three kings bringing their gifts. This is the equivalent of Christmas Eve when all children would receive their gifts. It is interesting to see that around the island each village will have their set of Kings visit in tourist trains, horses and even tractors. The highlight of the event is when sweets are thrown from the procession by the king attendants so make sure you position yourself for the sweets. In January, a number of festivals are celebrated in the Santa Agnes area as well. February is a month of carnival fiestas. The floats are designed for months and are usually manned by families, dance schools, theatre groups and other organisations. Easter is yet another festivity that people look forward to in Mallorca. In the week after Easter many towns celebrate the Fiesta of the Guardian Angel of Palma with pilgrimages to the chapels where Easter dumplings are shared and eaten together. Other festivities in the months include the fiestas of Sant Joan, the fiesta of Santa Catalian Thomas celebrated with floats and processions. He largest and most popular fair of the island is celebrated in Inca on the 3rd Thursday of the month. It's an important agricultural event, and you're guaranteed great local food.

The island of Majorca truly knows how to get to one's heart that is through the stomach. Dishing up exquisite and exotic Spanish culinary fares, Majorcan food is something that one should try while on a holiday. Sobrassada and Botifarro are among the two delicacies served in almost every eatery and is a favourite among tourists too. Made with minced pork with the paprika, red pepper and salt garnishing Sobrassada can be easily passed as a feel good food to lighten and liven up your moods. The Botifarro are barbequed sausages. Wine is yet another thing you must try in Majorca. The island is famous for two liquors called Palo and Hierbas. Both the drinks are made of herbs and have a unique taste. Hierbas, an aniseed drink, is made from soaking and distilling of herbs gathered from the island while Palo is made from soaking cinchona bark and gentian herbs.

Mallorca is a great shopping destination. Here's why.

Mallorca is famous for imitation pearls and is globally well-known. The Mallorcan pearl factory was established century ago and uses mother of pearl and ocean substances to artificially process pearls of all shapes and sizes. One can also take a tour within the pearl factory to enjoy witnessing the fascinating process of pearl making. Majorca is also famous for its handicrafts especially its pottery. Ceramics and glass blowing also produces amazing craftsmanship that is not only displayed in museums but can be bought as collectibles and mementos from various local shops around the villages and towns in the island.

The perfume Flor d'Ametler is made in Mallorca, which is made of almond flower essence and substances. Make sure that you find the flower inside the perfume bottle and ensure that you buy one as a memento for home.

Activities on your List

Apart from the usual site-seeing there are unique ways with which you can enjoy your holiday experience in this small island. To begin with you could hire a car to tour along the countryside and enjoy the picturesque beauty of its lush greenery and the blue hues of the mountains. The old markets which have been present since the ancient times spell history and modernity. Get hold of antiques and Majorcan handicrafts to take home with you. A number of water parks are situated in almost all of the known beaches in Majorca. Enjoy the day with your family as you have a fantastic time splashing and playing with water. If weather and golf are what you go by then enrol into one of the Mallorcan golf classes that are designed by masters of the game themselves. Mallorca offers the perfect environment for cyclists to tour their way across the Majorcan terrain as they enjoy the weather and the surrounding mountains, hills and plains.

Flights to Majorca

There are a number of cheap flights to Majorca with information on the top places you could visit as well as on the cruise. They also offer help for disabled passengers and car parking facilities. If you are heading for Majorca, flying to Palma's San Joan Airport will be very convenient.  You can fly here from most London airports, and many other airports in England, Scotland Ireland and Wales. Flights to Palma Majorca from the UK, Germany, Italy and France are the most popular followed by the Scandinavian and many Eastern European Countries. It is, however, best to book your flight with a travel agent to get cheap deals on your flight to Majorca. Subsequently, you could keep a constant eye on deals being given out especially before the holiday period.

While before the economic crisis, there were a number of budget airlines flying across the routes during both summers and winters but post the downturn, airlines have suffered majorly and have stopped flying to Mallorcan region. While efforts are being made to reinstate flights during the winter season, there are still a number of them available during the summers.

We hope you enjoy your holiday in Mallorca or Majorca which ever way you say it, it is a great place to relax and unwind and renting a vehicle is a great way to see this fabulous island. You will find more information on our blog

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